4 Alternative Activities for Children Who Like to Stay Indoors

4 Alternative Activities for Children Who Like to Stay Indoors

Play is an essential part of a child’s upbringing. It is important for them to socialize with other kids and be exposed to different environments. While having kids play outdoors regularly is the ideal set-up, it is important to note that not all kids are comfortable spending time outdoors.

In some cases, it is better for them to stay indoors due to various health reasons. This does not mean though that they should miss out on all the fun.

Here are four fun and creative activities for kids who prefer to stay indoors:

  1. Board Games

Image result for Board Games Activities for Children Who Like to Stay IndoorsSnakes and Ladders, chess, checkers, Monopoly and other board games promise hours of indoor fun for children. They can play these with their parents, other adults, or kids like them who’d rather stay home than play at the sandbox. These games develop not only their imagination but quick thinking and judgement.

  1. Arts and Crafts Activities

Image result for Arts and Crafts Activities Activities for Children Who Like to Stay IndoorsScrapbooking, quilting, creating posters and paintings are also worthwhile activities to invest time in. Crafting allows your child to express his or her individuality and creativity. Having various knick knacks and art pieces is a bonus result.

  1. Baking and Cooking

Image result for Arts and Crafts Activities Activities for Children Who Like to Stay IndoorsCooking and baking are good ways to teach your kids about nutrition and eating better. While it doesn’t hurt to let them have the occasional chocolate cookie or red velvet cupcake, learning how to prepare their own meals is an important life skill. It means your children will grow up to be adults who’d rather cook than buy food in take-out containers all the time. They’ll learn the value of a home-cooked meal and how nutritious fresh produce over processed meats are.

  1. Camping and Stargazing

Image result for If your kids are unable to join outdoor activities, help make up for it by having your own camping session in your backyard. Set up tents or blankets and lie under the stars. Teach your kid about the planets and stars by having a telescope for him or her to look throughIf your kids are unable to join outdoor activities, help make up for it by having your own camping session in your backyard. Set up tents or blankets and lie under the stars. Teach your kid about the planets and stars by having a telescope for him or her to look through. This activity will open your child’s interest in the universe and all the wonders it holds.

These are just a few suggestions for indoor activities. Alternatively, you can let your child burn off unexpended energy at ball pits or bounce castles. You can also visit one of the many indoor playgrounds in KL for various activities and games. Some of them are conveniently located inside malls so you can shop or dine while waiting for them.

5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired

5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired

Looking for a job in Kuala Lumpur can be a difficult struggle especially if you are not aware of the ways on how you can stay ahead of the other applicants. The competition for job openings is often very tough that employers usually look beyond qualifications and experience in deciding who to hire. To make a better impression in front of potential employers, you should take note and apply the following tips:


1) Create a resume or portfolio of your work that can be accessed online.

It’s very important that you do this especially if you are targeting a career in any of the creative industries: advertising, marketing, design, architecture, information technology, and computer engineering. Employers will always ask to see samples of your work. Even if you are not in any of these creative industries, it’s still advisable that you create an online resume. This will give you an advantage over those who don’t have one.


2) Clean up your social accounts and profiles.

Companies these days are getting smarter in sifting through those who want to work for them. Many HR departments today go the extra mile of checking the social media profiles of applicants. That said, if you have a Facebook profile filled with nothing but pictures of you drinking booze or partying, this doesn’t bode well in the eyes of an employer. In short, make sure that the things you post online don’t paint you or your personality in a bad light.


3) Go to an interview prepared.

It’s during an interview that you get the initial chance to impress your potential employer. A very common mistake among applicants is that they enter the interview room without researching about the company and its products/services. So what you need to do is learn everything you can about the company before you go to an interview. Browse their website, look at their history, check out a list of their products and services, or even talk to one of their employees.


4) Reach out to potential employers.

Sometimes, you have to be bold and direct if you really want to land a job in a certain company. Even if the company isn’t publicly posting ads for those looking for a vacancy in KL, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have no job openings. In fact, many companies rely on word-of-mouth to find new workers. Reaching out to these companies means calling or messaging them directly. This job-hunting technique is referred to as cold calling. Basically, what you need to do is prepare a pitch/script, call the company, inquire about openings, and then sell yourself.


5) Follow up on your job interviews.

If you don’t get a call or an email in the days after an interview, don’t give up just yet. In following up with the hiring manager, you are showing your determination and interest in getting the job. Always remember that hiring managers are often inundated with dozens of applicants so there’s a chance that your interview may have been overlooked. When you call them to follow up on a previous interview, do it in a professional way. Ask them if they have considered your application and if there’s something you can do to make yourself a better fit to the kind of employee they’re looking for.

Companies take into account a lot of factors in deciding who to bring into their workforce. Educational background and experience are very important but a lot of companies go beyond these factors. They also look into applicants who are creative in presenting their resumes, applicants who are careful in the things they post online, applicants who are well-prepared when they go to interviews, applicants who have the confidence to directly call potential employers about openings, and applicants who have the determination to follow up on finished interviews. If you are a job-hunter who espouses these attributes, then you are off to a good start.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose An International Boarding School

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose An International Boarding School

Image result for An International Boarding SchoolInternational boarding schools are considered to be one of the best investments for your children’s education, but they can be very expensive. So why choose an international boarding school, when you can send your kids to a day school? These are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Safety and limited access

International boarding schools have 24-hour security with limited access for outsiders, so no one can easily come and go as they please. This ensures the safety of your children.

  1. Higher chances to enter prestigious universities Because most international schools offer diverse academic programs, your children stand better chance to enter world-class universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, or Imperial College.
  2. Advanced teaching methods

International schools use the latest teaching methods, theories and principles that no day school would normally offer.

  1. Cultural diversity

Image result for Cultural diversityYour children will be exposed to different cultures of the world at a young age, which will make their working life a lot better in the future. This also allows them to practice being multilingual.

  1. Multilingualism

International schools require their students to learn various languages. Apart from the mother tongue, your children will probably learn English, Chinese, French, Germany, Spanish, or any other languages of their choice. This gives your children an advantage once they enter the working world.

  1. International study options

Image result for International study optionsStudy options available include International Baccalaureate, the British A-Level program, American High School System, Swiss Maturite, French Baccalaureate, or German Arbitur. Your kids could choose which study option they would like to take based on the country where they wish to further their studies.

  1. Great sports programs and facilities

There will be plenty of amazing sports programs with facilities at international boarding schools. Your children will spend their time in a positive manner as they play sports of their choice, rather than wasting their time getting involved in activities that bring no reward, like watching TV or playing video games.

  1. Great arts programs and facilities

Your kids will be cultured by learning about arts and taking advantage of the facilities.

  1. Well stocked libraries and media centers

Image result for Well stocked libraries and media centers

The libraries and media centers are well stocked with great collection of books and other learning materials.

  1. Small classes

Your kids will get undivided attention from their teachers, making their learning experience better.

It’s always important to invest in your children’s education. Not only could a good education ensure the security of their future, it would also give your children the advantage of being a cultured, well-rounded individual who could benefit the society.