How Much Returns Can You Get With a Savings Account?

How Much Returns Can You Get With a Savings Account?

Almost everyone wants to earn as much interest as possible with their savings account. The amount of interest you earn on your savings much depend on a variety of factors—tax paid, interest charges, economic growth, inflation rate and so on. Although many times, when these savings are adjusted for inflation, the actual rate of return accrued by today’s savings accounts is usually negative. The average return yield by many savings account is between 0.06%-1.0% APY (annual percentage yield). This puts many people in a dilemma of having to substantiate between losing purchasing power or losing liquid and security with their savings.

How Savings Account Rates are Determined

Based on principle, banks are not supposed to provide a higher rate on their deposit accounts than they charge people on their loans. This protects the bank from losing money and allow it to compete effectively in the market. In fact, many savings account rates are typically below 1% APY because the Federal Reserve choose to give cash to banks through its discount window. Banks are also supposed to lend to each other at the interest percentage stipulated by the federal funds’ rates as well. This means, when both the discount rate and federal funds rate are set below 1%, banks shouldn’t raise this rate to get cash from its depositors.


Real Rate of Return

As a rule of thumb, it’s wise not to focus much on the actual interest rate offered on your savings account to determine its returns. Sometimes the interest rate fluctuates due to the level of inflation rate rise experienced in that same particular year. Instead, stay focused on the real rate of return to substantiate how the purchasing power of your personal savings is behaving over time. A savings account nominal rate can fluctuate anytime, hence can’t be depended upon.

In summary, it’s evident that yields acquired on savings accounts are disturbingly very low. This is because the interest earned on savings depend on several factors such as tax charges, economic growth of a country, inflation rate and so on. However, it’s still possible to get a higher interest rate than that provided in a typical savings account. Simply visit your local bank and sign up for a high yield savings account and watch your money grow big every year. If you experience any problems or have any questions, talk to your bank, and they’ll be happy to assist you with any query you may have.

5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Penang For Your Next Travel Holiday

5 Reasons Why You Should Go To Penang For Your Next Travel Holiday


If you are planning a trip to Malaysia for your next excursion, you should definitely consider going to Penang. What makes this state unique is that half of it is an island off the coast, while the other half is on the mainland. This means you have a lot of activities that you can put on your itinerary. Below is a quick overview of some of the main reasons why Penang should be your next travel destination:








  1. The food scene is among the best in Southeast Asia


In fact, a lot of travelers visit the region simply to get a taste of its street food and diverse cuisine. What makes the region’s cuisine great is that it’s often a combination of recipes from the different ethnicities who live there. Keep in mind that Penang has Chinese, Indian, and Bumiputera populations.








  1. The region is rich with architectural marvels


If you are an enthusiast of design, architecture, and ancient engineering, you will be amazed by the buildings and other structures in the region. Penang has a lot of impressive structures like Chinese temples and colonial buildings.








  1. The place is perfect for cultural immersion


The good thing is that there are three common cultures in Penang: Indian culture, Chinese culture, and Bumiputera culture. It’s kind of interesting to see these different cultures thriving together in the same place.








  1. Access to hotels with premium services but very affordable prices, It’s really not that difficult to find a hotel in Penang


The place is a tourist magnet, so there are hotels, inns, and lodges in almost every corner. If you want to experience luxurious accommodation, you should check out Lexis Suites Penang.








  1. Penang has a fascinating art and music scene


Concerts and music festivals are a regular occurrence in the region, especially in George Town. The city is also known for its artists.



In conclusion, a trip to Penang is something you will truly enjoy. The region is perfect for both solo backpackers and family travelers. You will leave the state with memorable experiences that will have you craving to return.

Maintenance Checklist for Industrial Factories: Ensuring Quality Each Step of The Way

Maintenance Checklist for Industrial Factories: Ensuring Quality Each Step of The Way

Since the food safety regulations are strict in Malaysia, you’ll want your industrial food-producing factory to run within compliance. Maintenance, therefore, is necessary and that means you must take meticulous care to ensure quality to consumers who buy your food products. In the effort of carefully maintaining a food-producing company, you should take into consideration every aspect. Read on for a maintenance checklist for an industrial food factory.

  1. Know Every Machine and Equipment

Have a list of all machine and equipment on site, so that you are fully aware of what types of machinery and equipment need to be routinely inspected. The goal is to make sure everything is continually running up to par and with ultra excellence. Routine inspections will ensure the quality of your products and the safety of your employees.

  1. Instruct Your Employees

Educate your employees about how to use all equipment and machinery.  This will make things in the industrial factory flow smoothly, production progress well, and workers work safely due to the thorough knowledge of using the equipment and machinery correctly.

  1. Implement Protocol on Reporting Issues

No matter how meticulous you get, bad things happen. Equipment and machinery malfunction unexpectedly from time to time. Therefore it is imperative to put in place a protocol of how employees are to report these types of incidents and to whom they must address the issue. This includes providing phone numbers, email addresses, and the proper forms to be filled out.

  1. Inspect Building Thermography

Building Thermography is the process of producing an image of how a building keeps and releases heat. The procedure should be done by professionals trained in this area of expertise.  It’s an important step that should be done at least monthly to make sure that the building is a safe and conducive environment for food production. The reality is that if the thermography of a factory that produces food is not correct, food may get spoiled or become unsafe for human consumption.  Plants who experience this type of problem could be legally shut down if they do not comply with regulations regarding the right temperatures of their food production environment.

With these tips for good maintenance as part of your checklist, you should be well on your way to seeing your factory run smoothly. It gives you real peace of mind when things at the factory run smoothly since you know that you’re providing consumers with safe and good food.


How Foods Packed In Plastic Containers Can Risk Your Health

How Foods Packed In Plastic Containers Can Risk Your Health


Can plastic food containers be poisonous to our food? Many people ask this question every time they’re about to take away foods packed in plastic containers. Even though the risk is quite low, there’s growing evidence that food can risk contamination from harmful chemicals from various plastics. Some of the foods mostly packed in these risky plastics include gourmet, cheese, fresh meat and other different kinds of foods. Below are some of the various ways in which food stored in plastic containers can pose certain health risks to humans.







  1. Chemicals


All plastic is devised from chemicals that can otherwise harm a person’s health. DEHA and BPA are the primary chemicals used in the making of most plastic food containers. Research shows when food is stored in such bags, these chemicals can easily leach into the food and hence become ingested in the body. Over time these chemicals have been found to cause tissue changes, miscarriage, chromosomal errors, genetic and hormonal changes, congenital disabilities and more. Among children, chemical leaching can potentially alter their developing immune system, which can likely result in behavioral pattern problems and disrupted hormones.







  1. Pests


Different studies show that food should be stored in airtight containers to stop pests, rodents, and bugs from getting inside. Don’t use plastic grocery bags to store foods because they’re not airtight and can, therefore, end up being attacked by pests. Use glass jars instead, as this will ensure no disturbing bugs and harmful chemicals get inside when storing food.







  1. Bacteria


When food isn’t stored properly, it can more likely grow harmful bacteria in it that can endanger your health. Food experts recommend food to be stored in airtight containers in refrigerators all the time to prevent breed of bacteria. Food that’s not wrapped well can become infected with bacteria from other foods nearby which have already spoiled. Make sure you always check any signs of plastic breakage when storing foods to ensure no potential leaks are within to minimize the spread of bacteria.



In summary, above are different ways in which foods packed in plastic containers or bags affect human health. Proper food storage habits are essential to keeping food safe for human consumption. Food that’s improperly stored carries the potential risk of making you sick, particularly those foods packed in plastic containers nowadays. Certain plastic containers have harmful chemicals, which contaminate food and end up making a person ill.

Avoid buying foods wrapped with 3 (PVC) and symbol seven labels, as such plastics have harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A and Phthalates that may cause complications to health. Both of these chemicals attack animal and human hormones, causing one to become sick in the end. Instead, stick to safe plastic food containers labeled “BPA-free” all the time to maximize the safety of your health.

6 Simple Tips To Have The Best Romantic Weekend Getaway In KK

6 Simple Tips To Have The Best Romantic Weekend Getaway In KK


Kota Kinabalu or KK is fast becoming one of the world’s exotic destinations for a romantic getaway, especially for Malaysian couples and even tourists. If you want to get the most out of your mini-vacation for you and your partner, follow these 6 simple tips for a romantic weekend getaway in the capital city of Sabah:







  1. Book a limo

Before you arrive in Kota Kinabalu, pre-book a limo that comes complete with a bottle of champagne or other signature drinks and some snacks to be enjoyed during the short journey from the airport to your hotel. A limo rental in KK may cost between RM100 to RM800, depending on limo type and hourly/daily rates.







  1. Spend some intimate time in the Jacuzzi

When you book a hotel, you can make an arrangement with the hotel’s management for some welcoming ceremony. This may include a mini band greeting you upon arrival at the lobby, a gift pack, a bed full of rose petals, and even swan-shaped towels. Book a room with a Jacuzzi to spend some intimate time together and order a room service.







  1. Enjoy a pampering day at the spa

If you’d rather skip the Jacuzzi, you can still enjoy a pampering good time as a couple at the hotel’s spa (or any other local spa). Book a complete couple’s package that includes a massage, sauna, and other beauty treatments like manicure and pedicure.







  1. Visit romantic tourist attractions

Create an itinerary or a list of romantic tourist attractions that you want to visit. Some of the places worth visiting include Manukan Island, Kokol Hill, Poring Hot Springs, Weston Wetland Park, and Signal Hill Observatory Platform. If you have time, take a train ride with the North Borneo Railway. The scenic view during the journey adds to the romantic atmosphere.







  1. Take a walk at the beach and watch the sunsets

In the evening, you can head on down to a beach near your hotel and take a good long walk. Collect seashells, build mini sandcastles, or simply goof around with your partner by taking photos while you both wait for the sun to set.







  1. Have a candlelight dinner

Once the sun has set, it’s time to have dinner. For extra romantic touch, have a candlelight dinner at a romantic restaurant in Kota Kinabalu and book a violinist or pianist to play as you enjoy your meal.



Planning a romantic weekend getaway should be a fun thing to do. When planning a trip, try to be flexible and leave some room for exploration. Spontaneity can also be a romantic thing!