Sure with Insurance – 6 Reasons Why Getting Covered Is An Investment You Should Make


Turn on the news, and you’re bound to hear plenty of different stories about people getting hurt, injured, or worse through a multitude of different ways. No doubt, it’s easy to see that our world has become dangerous now more than ever, and that’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right kind of protection to keep you and your family safe and secure no matter what the tides might bring. For many in Malaysia, the answer lies in getting covered with a comprehensive personal insurance that will compensate them or their family. If you’re still on the fence about whether you should get a personal insurance in Malaysia, these 6 reasons will tell you why getting covered is the smartest move you can make.1

  1. Flexible – Insurance providers understand that different people have different needs. The risks and dangers that are present in the life of a construction worker living in the city, for example, differ greatly from an office worker who goes home to the suburbs. That said, it’s possible to have a policy tailored just for you so that you only pay for coverage that you really need. This allows you to maximize your budget by availing of different features that you’re sure to be able to benefit from in the future.2
  2. Comprehensive – You might think that the coverage you get at work is more than enough to keep you aptly protected, but any insurance provided by an employer is a generalized policy that doesn’t really cover you against a lot of threats. Often, the insurance provided by your employer will only provide protections against a few minor dangers like illness and injury. But in the case of death, you shouldn’t expect to get anything to compensate your family. That’s why it’s ideal to avail of your own individual personal insurance to have all the different aspects of your life properly protected.3
  3. Affordable – Many hear the word ‘premium’, and they automatically think they need to pay thousands just to keep their coverage. But that’s not actually the case. Insurance coverage isn’t as expensive as you think. Depending on the kind of policy you get, you can enjoy lower premiums. If you go out of your way to reduce the risk in your life, your insurance provider might even slash off some of the cost as a result of the reduced danger.4
  4. Convenient – If you thought you could only make a claim if you get injured, get sick, or die, then you thought wrong. Depending on the kind of policy you’ve purchased, you can get a cash out when your coverage matures, which can span anywhere from 5, 10, or 15 years. If the policy holder is alive when the coverage reaches its maturity, you are entitled to a hefty sum of money which can be used to pay for education, housing, or any other personal expenses you may have lined up.5
  5. For Everyone – When you buy personal insurance even just for yourself, members of your family will be included in your coverage as well. Aside from the fact that they will be the main beneficiary in case of death, they also get their own coverage as an extended feature of your own policy. If you want to beef up their plan, you have the option to do so at your own discretion.6
  6. Discounts – If you’re already paying for health insurance, property insurance, and auto insurance, getting personal insurance from the same provider will grant you access to attractive discounts that will significantly reduce your monthly premiums. This way, you won’t only enjoy comprehensive coverage for all the aspects of your life, you’ll also get to experience the benefits of protection at a reduced cost . Personal insurance shouldn’t be optional, so be sure to get covered today. Step out of your fears, live without worry, and keep your loved ones protected by getting a comprehensive personal insurance policy and investing in the right kind of security.

Reaping Rewards – 5 Tips for Making the Most of Credit Card Rebates


There are over 8 million credit cards in circulation in Malaysia to date and each one comes with its own rewards and rebate scheme. Unfortunately, millions of ringgit in rebates and benefits go unclaimed each year, simply because majority of card holders don’t actually know that they have these perks. If you’re looking for ways to maximize the way you spend with your credit card, and you want to get the best out of every swipe you make, be sure to take note of these 5 tips for making the most of your credit card rebates and rewards.1

  1. Check Restrictions – There are lots of different kinds of credit cards available, and the best ones are those that don’t restrict when and where you should be able to redeem whatever points and rebates you’ve accumulated. If you’re using a credit card in Malaysia with cash back rebates, be sure to look into the fine print. Learn more about the redemption procedure, and by all means, skip out on cards that will restrict you from redeeming at your own convenience.2
  2. Know When to Get a Card – Some credit cards offer attractive sign-up bonuses that you can redeem within a certain period of time. The only catch here is that to be able to get your hands on the reward, you should spend a minimum amount using your credit card within the first few months of getting it. Before you get a new credit card, be sure to choose a date when you expect to make a lot of purchases, like the holidays, so you can guarantee to reach the minimum spending requirement.3
  3. Use More Than One – According to financial experts, it’s always better to use at least three or four different credit cards instead of sticking to just one. This way, you can choose which card to use to help you maximize the benefits of specific purchases. For instance, some credit cards offer bigger points when used for buying gas, so using that specific card for fueling up will give you more rewards compared to other options.4
  4. Keep an Eye Out for Promotions – To encourage consumer spending, some cards provide holders with bonus offers that they can redeem for a limited time only. For example, there have been some promotional offers that will grant up to 2% more rebates on purchases made at specific stores for a certain period of time. Going on a shopping spree will then help increase rewards and grant bigger cash backs for bigger savings.5
  5. Shop Online – Before you go shopping at your favorite online store, be sure to check your card’s website and find out if they offer special rebates for purchases made through links they provide. By making transactions through your card’s provided website or links, you can get more rebates and increase your cash back rate to reduce your overall spending. Make sure you check all your options and do some research before buying online – some websites offer better deals for credit card purchases than others.

Are you getting the most of your cash backs, rebates, and rewards? Make every credit card swipe count, and keep these tips in mind the next time you pay with plastic. Maximize your money’s worth and get the best out of your credit card with these pro tips.

Training Program Truths – 6 Benefits of Project Management Training That will Boost Professional Success

Any ambitious working individual – whether rank and file or corporate executive – works not only for the salary, but also for the opportunity to improve as a professional. While hard work, diligence, and dedication do pay off, becoming a better professional isn’t always that simple. There are some things that you just won’t learn on your own, and that’s why it’s important to take on whatever training programs are most beneficial to you. Training programs in Malaysia come in many different forms, but among the most sought after is project management training. Find out why this particular program stands out among the rest by reading its 6 career-boosting benefits here.


  1. Showcases Your Skills – At one point in your career, you will have to handle a project. If employers see that you have gone through project management training successfully, they’ll be more inclined to see you as the right candidate to oversee projects and plans they might have laid out for the company.


  1. Challenges Your Abilities – Because employers are unlikely to delegate projects to unprepared workers, having a project management training certificate under your belt will possibly land you countless projects in a year, especially if you’re the only employee in your company with such training. This will give you the opportunity to test your abilities and challenge your capacity to see how well you can provide positive outcomes in tough situations.


  1. Opens Job Opportunities – If you were thinking about applying for a different vacancy, showing on your resume that you have project management training will make you a more valuable asset to the companies you send your application to. Ultimately, it will enrich your resume and put you in a positive light for a lot of employers.


  1. Increases Your Salary – According to recent studies, individuals who held project management training certificates were given salary increases of up to 16% compared to non-certificate holders. For a small professional training investment, you can boost your salary for greater returns.


  1. Expands Your Network – When you are given projects to work on, you’re likely to have to work with other industry leaders and key individuals. By coordinating with them for your project, you can establish professional relationships with others in your niche to create a healthy network of contacts.


  1. Extends Your Reach – Project management training is a globally recognized certification, and so having it in your possession will open doors for your career not only locally, but also abroad.


When it comes to your career, only the best will do. Take on a project management training program today and watch just how it can help boost your career to greater heights.


From Simple Plastic to Fantastic : 4 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Corrugated Plastic

From Simple Plastic to Fantastic 4 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Corrugated Plastic


Nowadays, more and more people are investing into the use of corrugated plastic. But what exactly are they? There are two types of corrugated plastics depending on their structure. The first type is popularly known as ‘twinwall plastic’ and is composed of two layers of plastic with a ribbed sheet center. The second type, enforced with fiber glass, is made to appear waved in form, much like regular roofing materials. With a wide array of possible uses, whether it is for that tall new building or that project you’re working on inside your garage, it is not surprising that more and more people are using it. Here are four alternative ways of using it for your own DIY projects!







As corrugated plastics are strong materials capable of withstanding a huge amount of weight

Transfer Boxes


As corrugated plastics are strong materials capable of withstanding a huge amount of weight, coupled with its amazing flexibility, it is an ideal item to have for transferring your stuff from here to there. It’s easy to cut, staple, and shaped to your own taste too, so rest assured that your stuff will be safe from damage and dents.







As it is versatile enough to withstand various chemicals and temperatures

Small Garden Roofing


As it is versatile enough to withstand various chemicals and temperatures, it can also be used as roofing to your blooming garden. By using semi – translucent sheets of this plastic, you are able to give your plants the natural skylight. And don’t worry about it getting heated up by the sun, as it can also be UV resistant. Cleaning won’t be a problem either, since it is very easy to do so, and your standard garden hose can help you with that effectively!








they can handle more than just flowers

Flower Pots


Don’t get the wrong idea; they can handle more than just flowers. Landscape artists and gardeners alike have been using it as homes for various plants too, whether temporary or permanently. Their insulation and resistance to temperature makes them ideal for such uses.





SPAD Models for Hobbyists


Due to its durability and light weight, makers began to use them in place of balsa wood for its cheaper price and high resilience. Mostly used by beginners, the use of corrugated plastic in this field has evolved as developers are now using it for their advanced models.

Corrugated plastic is indeed very usable in various ways. It comes in different colors and works with coating upgrades, such as UV protection and anti- scratch, so don’t hesitate to try and explore more of its uses!


When You Say Nothing at All – 5 Creative Wordless Ways to Show Your Man You Love Him

Image result for Creative Wordless Ways to Show Your Man You Love HimWhen asked how we show our special men how much we love them, we tend to describe it with words. While that might work out for some, there are guys that would much rather feel love than hear it, simply because actions still speak louder than words. If you’re struggling to find ways to make your man feel the love, don’t worry. Try these 5 creative ways to help make him feel loved and cared for – all without the need for words.

Image result for Skincare Package for men

  1. Skincare Package – There are very few people in a man’s life that will go out of their way to give him something that will truly benefit him, so don’t be afraid to gift him a box of all the best skincare products for men that you can get your hands on. Fill up a box with different items like moisturizer, SPF cream, serums, sprays, lotions, and even antiperspirant deodorant for men in Malaysia to help keep him looking his best at all times. You can also throw in something special, like a luxury face wash for men, to help make it a little more special.
  2. Spa Treatment Vouchers – Your man probably does a lot to make sure you’re well taken care of, and his tired body must have taken a toll after all these years of working hard for you and your relationship. So why not give him a load off and help him unwind, by giving him spa treatment vouchers that he can claim at his convenience? Get a couples massage package, and you’ve got yourself a romantic date for two.Image result for Skin Treatment Vouchers for men
  3. Skin Treatment Vouchers – When was the last time your man paid a visit to the dermatologist clinic? Those unsightly blemishes that hide and create bumps under his skin are probably at their worst in years. Give your man the gift of clear, blemish free skin by taking him out for professional skincare treatment at your trusted local dermatologist clinic.
  4. Manicure Pedicure – Lots of men tend to think that mani-pedis are solely for women, but that actually isn’t the case. There are countless men who have improperly groomed finger and toe nails, simply because they refuse to go through with the process of having their nails professionally managed. Treat your man to a manicure-pedicure and get rid of all the dirt and possible ingrowns he may have developed over time.
    Image result for Hair Treatment for men
  5. Hair Treatment – Your beau has probably had the same hair style since you met, and while there’s nothing wrong with that kind of consistency, there isn’t anything wrong with trying out new things as well. Take him to your favorite salon and have his hair treated to give it a softer, healthier, more manageable texture. Once the process is over and done with, your guy is probably going to want to come back next month for more.

There’s no need to write lengthy letters, or to pour your heart out in an emotional speech, just to get your guy to find out how much you love him. You can make him feel cared for, special, and loved by trying out one of these 5 effective ways to keep your man pampered. Give this list a try and give your man some well deserved TLC to show him just how much you care.

The 6 Most Important Things to Consider in Planning a Children’s Party in Malaysia

Just like children from anywhere else in the world, Malaysian kids also enjoy having fun in kiddie parties. Whether it’s a birthday party or a mere gathering among friends and classmates, such a party is a great way for kids to bond with their friends as well as their parents. However, organizing a kiddie party is not a walk in the park. There are so many factors that you should consider to ensure that the party will go smoothly without any hang-ups. Here are some of the most important things you should take into account in planning the anticipated event:


  1. The budget –

The biggest question you need to ask when coming up with the budget is: How many people are expected to attend the party? In most cases, the largest portion of the budget goes to food, especially if you’re hosting the party in your home or backyard. For budget advice, you should ask some of your friends who already held kiddie parties and query them how much they spent.


  1. The theme of the party –

There are a lot of birthday celebration ideas in Kuala Lumpur that you can choose from. You can use the cultural heritage of the country as a theme. Or if you want something more modern, you can use superhero themes or themes from popular children’s movies. Or better yet, you can ask your kid what he or she wants as a theme for the party.


  1. The venue –

You can always hold the event in your home but if you think there isn’t enough space, you can take it to an outside location. There are a lot of establishments in Kuala Lumpur that accept birthday and other kiddie parties. It means additional expense on your part but it’s worth it because the kids will enjoy more.


  1. The guest list –

It’s very important that you make an estimated list of who will be attending the party. This is so that you can prepare the right amount of food and space. It would be a disaster if more people came than you expected and the food runs out.


  1. The invitations –

Make sure to send out invitations at least a week before the party so that the parents will have enough time to plan and prepare.


  1. The food and entertainment –

When it comes to food, you can either cook it yourself or you can get the services of a catering company. And when it comes to entertainment, you have a lot of options but it’s highly recommended that you get a clown. Kids love clowns. If you can’t get hold of a clown, a magician would do.


It would be a lot easier to organize a kiddie party if you are fully aware of all the things mentioned above. The main reason why a lot of parties go wrong is that the parents often fail to plan and prepare in advance. They often end up rushing things the day before the event. That said, you should take your time and plan everything a few weeks before the scheduled date of the party.

Building a Profitable Consultancy Business – 4 Tips for Starting a Successful Consulting Venture

For many businesses hoping to cut back on the cost of taking care of full-time employees, hiring consultants is the best course of action. Basically, a consultant is a specialist in any field of expertise who can be hired for the purpose of providing expert advice and information, to help businesses grow and succeed. Often considered glorified freelancers, being a consultant can be very lucrative, especially if the information and skill you have is of particular importance to companies around you. That’s why consulting jobs in Malaysia have been on a steady rise throughout the past few years. But establishing a successful consultancy takes a lot more than just hanging a sign outside your door and hoping for the best. Find out how to build a profitable consultancy business by following these 4 sure fire tips for guaranteed success.

  1. Start Networking – It’s going to be tough to find the right clients if people don’t know who you are. Many of those who are in the consultancy business succeed because they have familiar names that immediately pop up in the minds of their clients and contacts, if and when the need for a professional like them arises. Be sure to expand your horizons and network as much as you can. By establishing a strong base of contacts, you can become more prominent, which will ultimately ease the process of finding clients.Start networking is the first step to success in consulting jobs in Malaysia
  2. Get Organized – A good consultant is one who can make the most of their time, especially because many employers and clients will only take on partnerships with consultants for a limited amount of time. This means you should be able to maximize the time you have, optimizing returns no matter how short your contract might be. Get organized and make sure you operate on a smart time table, to help improve your reputation and make you more valuable to your clients.
  3. Earn Certificates – The more you know, the more likely clients will want to hire you. It’s just that simple. Consultants who have a large body of knowledge in their field are more likely to get hires, because they’re generally seen as having greater value than others who don’t know quite as much. By earning different certificates through online courses and seminars, you set yourself apart and make your skill and knowledge more appealing to individuals looking to hire a consultant with your kind of background.Earning certificates can make your skill and knowledge more appealing to individuals looking to hire a consultant
  4. Stay in the Now – If, for instance, you’re peddling yourself as a consultant for information technology services, but you don’t know much about computers and online resources. How likely is it that you’ll get hired? Common sense will tell you that one of the most important things you can do as a consultant looking for clients would be to stay in the now. Because technologies and principles are ever changing, keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in your niche will help you provide relevant advice and information that will be of actual use to your clients. Make sure you keep reading and keep learning to update your body of knowledge and help maintain your position on top of the latest industry trends.

Are you ready to be a valuable consultant to the companies around you? Bring your career to higher ground and develop a reputation as a valuable consultant by remembering these 4 helpful tips for a successful career.

A Buyer’s Essential Guide: 5 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Digital Multimeter


An influx of digital multimeters (DMM) are widely available in the Malaysian market and online for testing voltages, currents, capacitances, resistances, and other parameters. Because of the way these devices have flooded the market, it has become difficult to determine which multimeter is suitable for users. Thus, it’s crucial for every buyer to take some measures and determine if the DMM they’re about to buy is high quality.

Below are 5 important factors every buyer should consider for them to buy the best digital multimeter in the market.1

  1. Safety Measures When Using a Multimeter Because the device has a series of electrical equipment fixed in it, its safety features should be substantiated. The testing equipment should be given top priority, particularly when its circuit can relay more than 30V and high frequencies of current. Therefore, the use of banana plugs and internal blast shields should be highly considered on such occasions to prevent potential damage from massive shock. The DMM should also have wide flanges to help users slide their fingers seamlessly along the insulation area. The flanges also protect people from exposing themselves to fatal electric current hazards.2
  2. Top Features to Look for in a Multimeter Some of the features found in many multimeter devices are mandatory while others are optional. All digital multimeters have an LCD screen and backlight features for use in the dark. The most basic DMM usually have basic functionalities, such as the readings of I, V and R. The highly advanced ones contain enhanced features such as capacitance, frequency calculation, and duty cycle. Others can articulate temperature readings in either Celcius or Fahrenheit scales.3
  3. Brand of the Multimeter Many times, the quality of a product is highly determined by the reputation of its brand. Buyers should buy a DMM device whose brand has a striking reputation for creating authentic and high-quality products that people love. That’s why some search for a best-selling brand around their areas. At least this way, people would be sure they’re buying a long-lasting and authentic product that’s value for their money.4
  4. Digital Multimeter Accuracy Users should ensure the DMM they’re about to buy is accurate at all times. The accuracy of a multimeter is the maximum permissible error limit observed in the readings. Before buying, users should have their DMM tested first to ensure its readings are accurate beyond any doubt.5
  5. Multimeter Pricing The price at which a product is being sold tells much about the merchandise. The price of a multimeter should be reasonable and realistic depending on its brand, features, and quality of the device. Users should compare prices first with other sellers to truly determine the actual price of the DMM they want to buy.

With the high demand of digital multimeters in the market, it has become very challenging and tricky to purchase a quality DMM. The market seems to have been flooded with dubious and fake products, which many people grab only to be disappointed in the end. Before buying a digital multimeter in Malaysia, users should ensure the device they’re about to buy is authentic and high quality. They should also ensure the device is working properly, it comes from a reputable brand, and has impeccable features. More importantly, the 5 top factors shared in this guide should help every potential buyer at least purchase a quality DMM every time they’re shopping.

Biking Basics – 5 Essential Bike Tools to Take with You on a Cycling Adventure

Biking Basics - 5 Essential Bike Tools to Take with You on a Cycling Adventure


It’s a treat for any biker to be able to take their wheels out for an adventure. Because cycling through the city can get boring really fast, a lot of cyclists try their luck with the great outdoors, discovering new terrain and enjoying a wholesome journey along the way. Of course, before you can take your bike out for an adventure, it would be wise to go prepared. Find out what 5 essential biking tools you should have in tote for your journey to keep yourself ready for the worst and safe at all times by checking out this short list.







the wheels will naturally lose some of its air

  1. Floor Pump

Aside from potentially suffering a flat while you’re out on your trip, you should keep in mind that the rubber that makes up bike wheels is rather porous. Over time, the wheels will naturally lose some of its air, making them less efficient at gliding over the different surfaces and terrains you might ride on. Be sure to buy a bicycle pump and keep your wheels at just the right pressure for a problem-free ride.






This will keep metal to metal contact smooth and friction free

  1. Chain Lubricant

If you’re riding in extreme outdoor conditions that are wet or muddy, you might want to have some chain lubricant in tote. This will keep metal to metal contact smooth and friction free, eliminating the chances of snagging together when rust or other debris build up and cause tension. This also helps to reduce any noises your bike might make such as squeaky pedals and chains.






The only way to fix a flat would be to remove the bike tire from the rim

  1. Tire Levers

The only way to fix a flat would be to remove the bike tire from the rim. Some like to do it manually with their bare hands, but this proves to be not only a dangerous feat, but also a troubling one. Having a set of tire levers in your tool case will make it easier for you to resolve a flat without having to wear your hands out trying to remove the tire from the rim.






Commonly seen as an essential for any bike rider, hex keys act as multipurpose screw

  1. Hex Keys

Commonly seen as an essential for any bike rider, hex keys act as multipurpose screw drivers that can adjust, loosen, and tighten any bike component that might need repair during your ride. Be sure to have a 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10 millimeter variant with you so you have something for every sort of problem you might encounter along the way.






A multitool will cover virtually any problem you might come across while riding your bike

  1. Multitool

A multitool will cover virtually any problem you might come across while riding your bike, so be sure to have one hooked to your belt at all times. This will make it easier for you to fix up any minor and even a few major problems while you’re mid-ride, and will prevent you from having to ditch your bike and hitch a ride when things get a little too serious.



Don’t go out without the right tools in tote. Be sure to carry these 5 bike riding essentials with you before you head out for your big outdoor adventure so you can enjoy a problem-free ride.

3 Fun And Romantic Valentine’s Date Ideas For The Adventurous Pair in Malaysia

3 Fun And Romantic Valentine's Date Ideas For The Adventurous Pair in Malaysia


Valentine’s Day is the season to ignite the flame of romance and sprinkle a dash of spice into your relationship. While some love stories are filled with chocolates and rose petals, other happily-ever-afters comprise chapters of unforgettable adventures. If you and your significant other are the adventurous type and are planning a romantic Valentine’s date in Malaysia, here are three great ideas to get things started.








Malaysia is a romantic destination to celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Mountain Biking

Blessed with magnificent nature landscape, Malaysia is a romantic destination to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Surprise your loved one with a fun mountain biking trip at scenic spots such as Taman Bukit Kiara, Kelubi Hill, and Mount Jerai Downhill. This is an unconventional idea for Valentine’s Day, and preparation is essential to make this trip extra special. Whether you’re looking for trail bikes or all-mountain bikes, there is a selection of mountain bikes in Malaysia that are available for cycling enthusiasts.







Happy outdoor couple

  1. Nature Hiking

Imagine hiking up to the peak of Broga Hill and be greeted by a beautiful sunrise with your girlfriend or boyfriend in your arms. Transform this romantic experience into a Valentine’s Day to remember by organizing a hiking trip for two. From Ketumbar Hill to Saga Hill, Malaysia is brimming with scenic hiking trails to embrace a quiet moment together. To take it further, we recommend rounding up this dreamy date with a lovely picnic breakfast.







Ask anyone what their adventure of a lifetime would be and they’re likely to say skydiving

  1. Skydiving

Ask anyone what their adventure of a lifetime would be and they’re likely to say skydiving. It takes a wave of bravery and fearlessness to enjoy the adrenaline-infused descent from 10,000 feet above the ground, but having your beau by your side will make this experience a memorable one. Johor and Langkawi are two destinations in Malaysia where you can explore the vast skies with the assistance of qualified skydiving instructors.



Whether you’re looking for an audacious nature escapade or a unique skydiving experience to jazz up your Valentine’s Day, there are plenty of adventurous activities waiting for you in Malaysia. At the end of the day, always remember that it is the companion you’re with, not the experience, which truly counts.