4 Awesome Beach Resorts You Should Check Out In Penang, Malaysia

4 Awesome Beach Resorts You Should Check Out In Penang, Malaysia


The state of Penang has some of the best beaches and resorts in Malaysia. So if you are craving for some fun in the beach and a bit of luxurious pampering from a salon or spa, you should definitely head over to Penang. If it’s your first time to visit the region and you have no idea where to go, here are some of the beach resorts in the area. Whatever itinerary you have planned, see to it that it includes one or two of these great beach resorts:







  1. Lexis Suites Penang


If you’re looking for a picturesque Penang resort at the southern end of the island, this is where you should go. This is a 5-star hotel and resort so you should expect premium and luxurious services. It has both indoor and outdoor facilities which you and your family or friends can enjoy.







  1. Hard Rock Hotel Penang


When it comes to amenities, only a few resorts can compete with what Hard Rock offers. The resort has restaurants, outdoor pools, nightclubs, spas, and health clubs. The place is also adjacent to popular establishments like art galleries, shopping centers, and water parks.







  1. Parkroyal Penang Resort


The views from this resort are amazing. The stretch of beach in front of it is also quiet and less crowded. They even have babysitting services for visiting families who have small children with them.







  1. Rainbow Paradise Beach Resort


The customer service in this resort is really something. They pick you up at the airport, provide free parking and free internet connection, possess an arcade room, and they even have a stacked library. It’s the perfect destination for those who want to relax and have some alone time.



These are just some of the many beach resorts that line the coasts of Penang. There are more if you prefer to explore on your own. Exploring the island and nearby Seberang Perai isn’t that difficult because of the availability of public transportation systems like buses, trains, and ferries.

A Savvy Backpacker’s Essential Checklist for a Safe and Satisfying Adventure

Backpacking is becoming popular for millennial Malaysians. Because Malaysia’s geographical locations are close to dozens of beautiful countries and airlines are providing affordable ways of flying, traveling has become accessible. Backpacking is the preferred way of travel as it is low-cost, independent and feeds your sense of wanderlust. However, there are dozens of pitfalls to backpacking because it allows you to be so mobile in a foreign destination. Thanks to technology, backpacking has become a lot safer and convenient. Before heading off, take a look at our Malaysian Backpacker’s checklist and start preparing.


  1. Bring a Powerbank and Adaptor

Every place you go may not have a suitable outlet so a powerbank can juice up your mobile phone. Not every country’s electric outlets have the same size so it would be wise to bring a transformable adaptor.


  1. Buy Travel Insurance

A must-do before getting on a plane is to buy travel insurance online in Malaysia. Travel insurance provides medical and liability coverage and protects you from any flight-related mishaps.


  1. Create Travel Soundtrack

No trip is complete with a suitable soundtrack to create a mood of wanderlust.


  1. Download Essential Applications

Technology has contributed to the popularity of backpacking. Download apps like Google Maps and Uber for navigation and transportation, as well as, language applications for communication.


  1. Handy a Padlock

Security is an essential when traveling. With no permanent home base, purchase a sturdy lock to keep your material belongings safe and secure while you slumber.


  1. Make Online Copies of Travel Documentation

Passports, credit cards, and visas are crucial documents when traveling. With all these items squished in your backpack, there’s a chance they could go missing. You should scan these documents and upload them to Google Drive or any Cloud service to assure you have them at all times.


  1. Make Yourself Traceable

It’s easy to get lost when exploring a foreign land. In case you go missing, have a loved one back home trace your mobile’s GPS signal, so you’ll always be on the map


  1. Pack Medicine

While sickness does not cross your mind when planning a trip, it’s important to be prepared for fever, stomach viruses among other illnesses in a foreign land.


  1. Pack a Foldable Rain Jacket and Bag Cover

Weather can make or break a vacation. Always pack a foldable and space-saving rain jacket and cover for your backpack for a rainy situation.


  1. Prepare Backup Service

Photos are an essential takeaway. Get a backup service for photos snapped on your phone or Wi-Fi-enabled camera like Dropbox where your photos are automatically stored.


Before heading on your backpacking excursion, make sure to accomplish these ten tasks to have a comfortable, safe and adventurous trip. Come back to Malaysia yearning to go backpacking once again.



Are you looking for a holiday destination for this summer? If your notion of summer fun is basking in the sun, cool breeze, food heaven, and a glorious sunset, then Penang in Malaysia is the likely place for you.

Seasoned travelers rate Penang as the top vacation spot in Southeast Asia. And they have plenty of good reasons. The diverse and exciting cultures of Malaysia are showcased in exotic Penang. It is an urban center yet rich in old-Asia ambiance. But because it’s summertime, regale in a complete and pleasurable escapade.




Let’s cut to the chase and outline the perfect itinerary for you.








  • Accommodation


Your accommodation is the first item on the list. Although there are worthy choices, the Lexus Suites in Penang is highly recommended to kick-off your summer vacation. This is a Penang beach hotel on the island that is replete with indoor and outdoor facilities for couple or family enjoyment.







  • Places of Interest


Your vacation will not be complete without a sightseeing schedule in your itinerary. The island offers various tourist attractions depending on your inclinations. For famous landmarks, Georgetown is where the Chinese shop houses are lined up. The Penang National Park is a nature lover’s delight with its wild rainforest, flora, and fauna as well as fantastic panoramic views of unspoiled beaches.







  • Food & Dining


Food choices in the island are aplenty. Taste the best of Malaysia everywhere. Check out the food space starting from the popular stalls and street food to the more sophisticated and elegant dining experience. There’s a lot of fusion of Asian and Western culinary dishes will to your discriminating taste.








  • Retail Therapy


Shopping is the final agenda on your itinerary before ending your vacation. The island boasts of modern malls like the Gurney Paragon and the 1st Avenue Mall.



Bargain hunting is the name of the game. It has become a culture for the locals and tourists looking for the best buys in town.



Your vacation should be worth every penny. There are other engaging activities for you on the island. The capsulized itinerary presented here is intended to make the most of your stay. Pack your bags and head to the island of Penang. The welcome mat is ready for your arrival.


3 Amazing Uses for Plastic Corrugated Sheets In and Around The Home

3 Amazing Uses for Plastic Corrugated Sheets In and Around The Home


You may have seen a plastic corrugated sheet and thought that it was interesting and even beautiful. And you may now be wondering how to use these types of sheets in and around your own home. So here we share some inspirational ideas to help you generate some great project concepts of your own from beginning to completion.







  1. To create room divisions


Plastic of this kind is great to make a division, or even a few divisions, in a large area, so that you can use the space for various functions. For example,  once you have installed the sheets to divide the space, in one area you may want to put a bed for company to sleep in, along with a dresser for their clothing items. Then in another area you may decide to set up a desk for your computer and the things you have to work on.







  1.  To use as paneling


This type of plastic easily accepts screws. That means that you can easily attach these plastic sheets to walls to create an interesting paneled texture.  This will give your room a modern, sleek look full of real charm and character. People will love your new design idea so much that they will likely want to try it for their own spaces as well.







  1. To provide lighting


Plastic corrugated sheets are typically often used as a roofing substance. This is because they prove to be truly low in cost to purchase and install. Also, people like the fact that they are created to be translucent, which means that good, natural light will enter a space, but without the direct glare that sunlight produces.



Now that you have seen that plastic sheeting can indeed be used creatively in various ways, it is worth it to try your own projects. Your place is going to look great with real effective style that you and your family will enjoy for a long time.

3 Things You’ll Wish You Knew About Travel Insurance

3 Things You’ll Wish You Knew About Travel Insurance

Travel light is the standard advice when going on an international trip. But has anybody counseled you to travel safely? The advice is sound and meaningful. However, for many Malaysian travelers, the feeling of excitement rules over any other emotion when planning for trips abroad. With increasing travel opportunities, the prosperous young professionals in the country see travel as a liberating experience.

Given this mindset, it would be advantageous to the affluent traveler to prioritize travel insurance. This product has become an all-important extension of wealth management. The objective of travel insurance is to mitigate financial risks when traveling. Like other insurance products, it offers total protection. An insured traveler is shielded from any unforeseen accidents, sickness and even missed flights.

With the ease of booking flights and hotel accommodations online, the traveler can also secure a legit travel insurance online in Malaysia before departure. You can consult wealth managers who can customize your travel insurance needs and secure your coverage from reputable insurance companies.

Travel insurance should not be regarded as an unnecessary expense. Seasoned travelers know the importance of insurance. You can’t leave without it. Better be safe than sorry. Read on and be enlightened why buying travel insurance is like buying a ticket for a dependable travel mate.



  1. Trip Protection

Travel insurance is your protection when you go on a journey abroad. The standard policy is dedicated to unforeseen misfortunes during your travel namely: emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, loss of checked or baggage delay, accidental death & dismemberment, and repatriation of remains.


  1. Expanded Coverage

The extended travel insurance is the trip cancellation insurance package which is inclusive of all coverages under the standard policy with the addition of the following: trip cancellation and trip interruption.

It would be best to purchase the plan at least 14 days before your trip. If your coverage includes travel cancellation, your travel and accommodation expenses can be reimbursed in case of an aborted or canceled trip due to unforeseen emergencies.


  1. Customized Travel Protection

You can now personalize your protection for specific travel purposes. If you are traveling for a sporting or gaming adventure like diving, horseback riding, skiing or cycling to name a few, you can purchase the sports upgrade option. In case it’s a group traveling, take on a group insurance package.


Whether your trip is for a holiday celebration, adventure or relaxation, travel insurance is a must-have. Travel light and travel safe are inseparable send-offs to the excited tourist. Be on your way to a worry-free journey.