Marketing is the practice of promoting, advertising, and increasing brand awareness among consumers to improve sales, and to ultimately increase profitable consumer action. This is an important practice heavily emphasized by businesses today, especially because marketing trends have changed in the past years. Back in the day, brands relied on consumer-directed searches in order to be found. But now, companies are the ones burdened with the need to look for prospects in the market. With different businesses and brands all battling for the same audience, employers now invest in their hires, choosing only the best for the marketing roles in their enterprise. Wondering which marketing careers pay the most these days? Read on to learn more.


  1. Chief Marketing Officer – Responsible for overseeing all other marketing related functions in a company, the chief marketing officer (or simply CMO) is the highest ranking marketing official in any enterprise. This professional basically approves any marketing projects and strategies, as well as reports to the chief executive officer to provide information on the current marketing performance of the company. Base annual salary: 352,708 – 1,102,212 Malaysian Ringgit.
  2. Demand Generation Director – The DMD is responsible for overseeing efforts to find prospects in the market and establishing lasting, positive, profitable relationships with them for sales and brand reputation. Some of the important skills required are lead generation, strategic marketing, and online marketing, to name a few. Base annual salary: 350,200 – 686,598 Malaysian Ringgit.コミュニケーションイメージ
  3. Content Marketing Director – The content marketing director is the officer that manages and approves content marketing strategies and practices.His objective is to increase the value of products and services to the company’s target audience. With these efforts, prospects and consumers see greater importance and need in different wares offered by the business, which ultimately leads to profitable consumer action. Base annual salary: 242,286 – 659,283 Malaysian Ringgit.
  4. Product Marketing Manager – Aside from marketing the brand, companies also focus on marketing their products especially if there are competitors that offer similar goods and services. The product marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that a company’s products are set apart from the rest, by understanding competition and pinpointing gaps in the market that the company’s products can help fill in. Base annual salary: 233,669 – 533,470 Malaysian Ringgit.
  5. Public Relations Officer – The PR officer handles relationships between key players in the industry in order to establish healthy partnerships. There are many companies that advertise their public relations vacancies online, but it’s also a smart move for applicants to look for opportunities face to face, in order to get a better chance to highlight their interpersonal skills. Base annual salary: 220,745 – 435,678 Malaysian Ringgit.every-big-companies-must-have-their-public-relations-officer
  6. Creative Director – There are certain brands in the market that don’teven need a name to go with their logo, and people recognize them instantly anyway. This effective branding is accomplished by creative directors who develop the unique identity that makes companies more recognizable to the general public. Often, aside from a marketing degree, it’s important that creative directors have a background in graphic design to help improve chances of landing a high paying position. Base annual salary: 193,989 – 670,145 Malaysian Ringgit.

Skilled, smart, and strategic marketing professionals are hot commodities these days for lots of companies, and that’s why employment trends have shifted. Build a profitable career for yourself in the realm of marketing by striving to achieve one of these high paying marketing jobs.