It’s hard to find worthy, competent, and diligent employees to perform the different functions of a company, so you can just imagine the frustration and difficulty business owners face when good workers leave their employment. According to studies conducted in Malaysia, there is a high correlation between employees’ intention to quit and their action of actually quitting. This basically means when workers in Malaysia desire or attempt to quit their job, they most probably will. One common reason for quitting is the employer’s faulty human capital management practices. If you don’t want to be that business owner who has to constantly sift through resumes and conduct interviews for new recruits, this list of effective strategies should help you build a solid and happy work force.







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  1. Provide Career Opportunities

There is a big difference between a job opportunity and a career opportunity, and that is mainly that a career opportunity provides the chance for career development and growth as a professional. According to statistics, career opportunity is the top consideration and a motivating factor that keeps workers engaged in their jobs. Unfortunately, only 57% of employees in Malaysia believe they have career growth potential in their current employment. Employers should be aware that while their workers are pivotal in growing their business, they should also constantly try to improve and encourage growth throughout their work force.







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  1. Appreciate Your Employees

This might sound a little vague, but you can make a huge difference by giving your employees a pat on the back when they do good. In Malaysia, only 54% of employees are made to feel like their company’s biggest asset, despite over 90% of companies stating that their work force is their greatest advantage. Believe it or not, the feeling of being overworked and underappreciated is also a good enough reason for workers to leave and look for other employment options. To provide them the sense of appreciation, offer incentives, hold awarding ceremonies, or simply tell them they’ve been doing a good job whenever appropriate and necessary.








  1. Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy

Hazardous jobs or unsanitary work spaces can make employees feel unsafe and unhappy. Aside from making sure that your office space is clean and organized, you should also prevent any accidents and injuries that could cause employee turn-over. Safety and health courses in Malaysia are offered for companies as a whole. They are even tailored to your unique need, regarding hazards, dangers, and safety practices – depending on your work space and employment nature.


Are your workers your top asset? Make them feel that way by putting these three effective employment management practices into action, so you can prevent workers from abandoning ship. Then, watch your business grow into a thriving, profitable, and successful venture.