Your Luxury Watch Gift Will be Treasured Forever

Your Luxury Watch Gift Will be Treasured Forever


Too often when selecting a gift for a special person, the giver chooses an article with a temporary life span or interest. While this gift with a fleeting importance may be an exciting purchase that pleases the recipient temporarily, it will not remain in their memory as a treasure forever.

Select a Treasure for Today and Tomorrow
A luxury watch retains its value in both monetary worth and remains valuable in the memory of your loved one. A thing of beauty carefully selected by you for your loved one, a luxury watch symbolizes by its own worth in precious metal, gems and luxury design how much you appreciate the person to whom you give it. This is a compliment a man or woman will absorb readily and carry in their psyche. You have given them a gift with an increasing value of investment.

ON-BQ906_swissw_G_20160401005020 Malaysia Enters Market Investing in Luxury Watches
Collecting valuable watches is now a dominant trend within Malaysia. Consumers with high incomes enjoy investing in signature timepieces such as the brands:

  • Rolex
  • Tag Heur
  • Omega
  • Longine
  • Bulgaria

There are appreciation events held annually to show the most elite of the luxury watch brands. These exciting events bring internationally known brands of timepieces, and by holding the event, watch retailers add to the increasing demand and interest for the luxury watches among consumers and collectors. The first such exhibition to be held in Penang included collections of contemporary timepieces from Tissot, one of the most sought after luxury watch brands in the world.

maxresdefault-1 Retaining Value Increases Resale
The primary reason for investing in the best brands of watches is their value increases with time, making the estate and resale markets very lucrative investments. Since Malaysia is comparatively new in this investing market, it is especially exciting for those eager to participate in the high end watch investment market. This category of collecting does not have the possibility of the probable downturn “correction” swings of other investments, since high cost watches of antiquity increase in value with time, and the only variant is slow appreciation of value or rapid increase in their worth.

The occurrence of international economic down turns or political unrest does not adversely affect the investments of expensive watches, jewels and precious metals, which can actually appreciate in their worth during times resulting in the fall of stock and other investments.

It is always prudent if you do not know the intricacy in investment merits of a fine watch, then you should know your jeweller. Certification of authenticity and the values of the gold, silver, platinum of the time piece and any adornment of jewels are very important. The most important significance to be weighed, however, is the brand’s historical increases in worth over time.

Skincare Tips for Asian Women

Skincare Tips for Asian Women


healthy-eat-skincare-beautiful-skin-tips-from-japanAll races have different skin characteristics, and Asian ethnicity is no different. Asian skincare involves more than just using products to cover flaws. It is based on the philosophy that skin is an essential part of the body and must be cared for in a proper manner. To keep it looking and feeling its best on the inside and outside, there are a few skincare tips every Asian woman should follow.
Care for Oily Skin 

Since the climate in Asian countries is generally warm, Asian skin is genetically made to produce more oil than Caucasian skin. If your ethnicity is Asian, you understand breakouts are common. To keep a smooth complexion, you should exfoliate on a regular basis. To keep irritation to a minimum, it is wise to use a product that does not contain alcohol or fragrances.

Using a solid cleanser will help remove excess oil as well. To prevent stripping your skin of all its moisture, it is vital to uncover a gentle product that cleans without causing the skin to become red.
Moisturise During Dry Months 

When your skin becomes dehydrated, it can look dull and unappealing. Applying a moisturising body cream at least twice a day is recommended. Asians are known to suffer irritation when skin becomes dehydrated, so you should use a non-comedogenic moisturiser. You are advised to avoid products that contain petroleum jelly. These are overly greasy and can clog your pores.
Protect Skin from the Sun 

The sun’s UV rays can cause great damage to your skin. Even an Asian woman can suffer aging effects or skin cancer from spending too much time outdoors. 

The most common negative effect of the sun on an Asian woman’s skin is hyperpigmentation. This condition occurs as melanin production is increased. This is a chemical that maintains your natural skin color. Dark spots and an uneven skin tone drastically stand out on your complexion. No matter the weather, it is vital to apply a sunscreen everyday. For added convenience, certain cosmetic products contain built-in SPF protection.
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Decrease Dark Circles and Eye Puffiness 

Asian women have extremely thin skin beneath their eyes, which makes dark circles appear even worse. When your eyes are swollen, large shadows are visible as well. The best way to eliminate the problem is to find a gentle eye cream for dark circles that does not irritate this sensitive area. Most eye serums contain concentrated ingredients that penetrate deep into your skin. .

If you are an Asian woman who wants to maintain a healthy complexion, the above tips will be helpful. Malaysian skin care online shopping is a convenient way to purchase products that will keep your skin clean, moisturised, toned, and protected from the sun. You are sure to find items that fit well into your daily skincare regime.

Unforgettable Journey through the Island of Penang

Unforgettable Journey through the Island of Penang

Overview of Penang

1200-penang-street-artMalaysia is a popular tourist destination with top destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Johor Bahru and Langkawi. Penang is a small island with a unique heritage that includes eclectic cuisines, mix culture and wonderful beaches. The turtle shaped island is located about 8kms from mainland Malaysia and is one of the most populous states in the country. Getting around Penang and Malaysia is easy in general because many signs are written in English. The best time to visit Penang is during Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year. Penang experiences equatorial climate just as the rest of Malaysia. The driest months are January and February while the wettest months run from September to November.

Most Popular Attractions in Penang 
Penang is undoubtedly a microcosm of Malaysia, thanks to numerous religious events and festivals that take place in the island every year. The event includes the Muslim holiday of Hari Praya Puasa, Vesak Buddhist festival, the Chinese New Year and the popular Japanese Bon Odori Carnival, which includes dance and drumming. The key attractions on the island include Balik Pulau, Georgetown, Bayan Lepas, Batu Ferringhi and Butterworth. Georgetown is the capital of Penang and a major tourist destination.

a4c0bc7fe8b7f3f037c3372ed163d93eThe city of Georgetown is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to various historic churches, mosques, restaurants and colonial buildings. Batu Ferringhi is a popular beach resort and the home of various up market hotels and restaurants in the island. The beaches attract thousands of tourists every year; most of whom are attracted by the vibrant dining scene and sandy beaches. Bayan Lepas is the site of the main international airport. The area is also famous because it is home to various electronic products manufacturing plants.

95f347ecc31d2146cbf4b0cdc09ea4d3Butterworth, on the other hand, is the mainland port that handles goods destined for Penang. The other key attractions in Penang include Penang Hill, Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang Botanical Gardens and a number of luxury resorts. Kek Lok Si Temple is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. Penang Hills offers the best views of Georgetown; the hills are accessible by both train and bus. The Penang Botanical Gardens or Waterfalls Gardens was established in 1884. People from all walks of life visit this garden for walking, aerobic dance and Tai Chi practice.

Journey of A Lifetime
The local population in Penang is very welcoming of families. If you are travelling with kids, some of the best places to visit include the Youth Park, Snake Temple and Teluk Bahang Forest Park where kids get the opportunity to enjoy nature hikes.

b7f24df99a8a5575a61d2d8396040e43 Over the years, Penang has carved a name as the food capital of Asia. Some of the popular cuisines include Malay, Indian and Chinese food. If you like spicy foods, there are plenty options of options to enjoy. One of the most popular places to eat at the island is the Penang hotel, which is a leading 5 star hotel in Penang. A visit to Penang is undoubtedly an opportunity of a lifetime for every traveller.


Tips for Safe and fun Cycling

Tips for Safe and fun Cycling


cycle_main_546316aCycling is a great sport and an effective way to keep in shape; however, there are several cycling tips that will keep you safe and make your cycling journeys more enjoyable such as always staying alert. As a cyclist, you know that there are many things that you can encounter on the road. Because this is true, you must always be alert and attentive to not only with is on the road but other cyclists.

confidenceHold on to your confidence

Another tip is to stay confident in your cycling abilities.

• Always be alert to auto blind spots. This is important because many cars can’t see you if you slide to the side or cycle behind cars.
• Most importantly, do not cycle up the inside of big vehicles. And, always signal early and in a clear fashion.
• Always let other vehicles know what you want to do is vital.
Know the road rules

In addition, if you need a refresher course on road rules or feel that you’re unclear about some of the rules, bone up on a rules of the road course. Always be aware of your position on the road. And, avoid getting too close to parked cars. When you least expect it, a car door can be swing open and knock you off your bike.

2015-New-Long-Cycling-Set-17K-Team-Men-Bright-Color-Cycling-Wear-Long-Jersey-Cycling-PantsWear bright and comfortable clothing

Bright clothing is also important. The more you stand out and can be seen, the less likely you will be involved in an accident.

• Look for clothes that are reflective and clothes that breathe!
• Many cyclists have found that by buying a reflective backpack cover, they feel safer and remain more visible from behind.
• One great way to let pedestrians know that you are coming is by using a comedy horn or popping a bell. !

Of course, we all know how important lights are at night, but for a cyclist, they are also needed when it is foggy or cloudy. And, lights are certainly needed at sunset and at sunrise. Helmets are not required for cycling; however, they do offer some safety and can add more confidence to your cycling. Being organized and planning for trips works well for cars, vans and buses; however, planning ahead and being organized is also good for cyclists. Map routes that incorporate cycling networks. Cycling jerseys in Malaysia are popular and effective.

• Look for clothes that are reflective and clothes that breathe!
• Many cyclists have found that by buying a reflective backpack cover, they feel safer and remain more visible from behind.
• One great way to let pedestrians know that you are coming is by using a comedy horn or popping a bell.

link_hi_tech_cable_lock_cycle_lock_10902743_0Take your lock with you!

Most importantly, always pack you lock wherever and whenever you go on a trip. A good lock will prevent someone from stealing your bike. Another tip that is common sense but quite necessary, is allowing plenty of space between you and passing traffic. Wherever possible, choose wide streets to ride on and be careful not to weave in and out of the traffic. This makes most drivers nervous and edgy; not knowing what you will do next. In addition, always carry with you a spare inner tube, a pump and a patch kit.

To conclude, cycling is a great sport and an effective way to stay in shape. Find out more about cycling from the many fine articles on the Internet.

The Frugal Gamer’s Guide to Getting Affordable Top-Up Cards

The Frugal Gamer’s Guide to Getting Affordable Top-Up Cards


Although majority of online games today are free to play, hardcore gamers are spending dollars to either stay ahead of their competition or simply to adorn their characters with rare gear so they can proudly parade them in fantasy streets and realms. Either way, there is no denying the fact that top-up card sales are on the rise as eGames are becoming the modern form of entertainment of today’s generation.
Top Up Online 

Obviously, you’ll need a top-up card, which can either be bought physically or digitally. The latter tends to be more convenient since you don’t have to march into your local Duane Reade, Game Stop, or Best Buy to buy one. Online sites like Sea Gamer Mall carry a wide selection of cards for games like Cabal 2 and Dragon Nest. While not necessarily cheaper, game cards bought online save you both time and gas money.
Do Some Surveys 

If you have pockets of time in between your work or study days, completing survey forms is a viable way to get online gaming cards. Albeit not as efficient as just buying one through your last birthday’s gift cash or getting a part-time job, it does come as a cheap and easy way to earn in-game credit. Surveys can be completed in as short as five minutes to as long as 30 minutes, the longer ones reward more points for the time and effort spent completing them.
Double Check Your In-Game Credit Needs 

It can be a costly mistake to  that turns out to not be the game credit you need. Sure you can always return them and get a refund for your money, but some sites may not make it so easy on you to do so. Save yourself from the hassles of requesting a refund by double-checking the specific top-up card for your game. Dragon Nest, for instance, is compatible only with Karma Koins or Cherry Credits.
Buy in Larger Quantities 

When ordering a myCard top up code or any other type of game card out there, you will first have to enter the card value and the quantity of cards you wish to buy. The higher valued cards will usually have more in-game credits than when you buy two separate smaller valued cards. It makes sense to just save up for the higher valued cards, especially for hardcore gamers who are looking to play extensively.

Time Your Purchase 

Timing is everything when you want to save money. Many gaming cards like Rixty codes will come on sale during standard holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as during special events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Timing your purchase during these days can save you as much as 20 percent off. It’s also a good time to top up your game account since many in-game stores offer discounted rates on rare gear and items during holidays.

Enrich your gaming experience by topping up with affordable in-game credit. With these tips, you’ll be able to buy more utility items and keep grinding challenging dungeons or wrap your character in VIP sets and costumes.