The 6 Most Important Things to Consider in Planning a Children’s Party in Malaysia

The 6 Most Important Things to Consider in Planning a Children’s Party in Malaysia

Just like children from anywhere else in the world, Malaysian kids also enjoy having fun in kiddie parties. Whether it’s a birthday party or a mere gathering among friends and classmates, such a party is a great way for kids to bond with their friends as well as their parents. However, organizing a kiddie party is not a walk in the park. There are so many factors that you should consider to ensure that the party will go smoothly without any hang-ups. Here are some of the most important things you should take into account in planning the anticipated event:


  1. The budget –

The biggest question you need to ask when coming up with the budget is: How many people are expected to attend the party? In most cases, the largest portion of the budget goes to food, especially if you’re hosting the party in your home or backyard. For budget advice, you should ask some of your friends who already held kiddie parties and query them how much they spent.

  1. The theme of the party –

There are a lot of birthday celebration ideas in Kuala Lumpur that you can choose from. You can use the cultural heritage of the country as a theme. Or if you want something more modern, you can use superhero themes or themes from popular children’s movies. Or better yet, you can ask your kid what he or she wants as a theme for the party.

  1. The venue –

You can always hold the event in your home but if you think there isn’t enough space, you can take it to an outside location. There are a lot of establishments in Kuala Lumpur that accept birthday and other kiddie parties. It means additional expense on your part but it’s worth it because the kids will enjoy more.

  1. The guest list –

It’s very important that you make an estimated list of who will be attending the party. This is so that you can prepare the right amount of food and space. It would be a disaster if more people came than you expected and the food runs out.

  1. The invitations –

Make sure to send out invitations at least a week before the party so that the parents will have enough time to plan and prepare.

  1. The food and entertainment –

When it comes to food, you can either cook it yourself or you can get the services of a catering company. And when it comes to entertainment, you have a lot of options but it’s highly recommended that you get a clown. Kids love clowns. If you can’t get hold of a clown, a magician would do.


It would be a lot easier to organize a kiddie party if you are fully aware of all the things mentioned above. The main reason why a lot of parties go wrong is that the parents often fail to plan and prepare in advance. They often end up rushing things the day before the event. That said, you should take your time and plan everything a few weeks before the scheduled date of the party.

5 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids During Rainy Days

It’s the rainy season in Malaysia, and parents know that rainy days are two-edged swords: there’s time to stay indoors, do some long delayed chores, and have some family bonding, but the little ones are also prone to complain of boredom soon enough! We know the struggle, so we’ve rounded up five creative and fun activities for kids during rainy days:

  1. Board games. Board games are staple boredom-breakers. There are all sorts of board games that will fit the personality or interests of your kids. They’re also useful when you’re trying to teach certain skills or traits to them. Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, and Battleship are just some of the board games you and your kids can play.
  2. Arts and crafts. Kids love arts. Crafty projects will keep your kids preoccupied and excited at the same time. There are tons of arts and crafts projects posted online. You can do scrapbooks, a family album, holiday decorations, gift cards, and many more! The list goes on, and all you have to do is to prepare the materials and you’re good to go!
  3. Indoor playgrounds. This one is a genius idea, and whoever thought of it should be blessed for all eternity. There are tons of indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur which cater to all ages. These playgrounds are a great alternative if your kids really want to have some physical activity. Plus, they get to interact with other kids as well.
  4. Bake! Baking is a really fun way to bond with your kids. You can bake pizzas, biscuits, and cakes, and you can also use your own recipe if you have one. The best thing about this you get to bond with your kids and eat the product of your hard work afterwards.
  5. Movies. If all else fails and you can’t find an indoor playground in Kuala Lumpur, thank the gods of childhood films for they’re here to save you. There are literally hundreds of animated films for kids that they’ll surely love. These films usually run for one hour to two, giving you plenty of time to do some chores on the side. These films also come with life lessons that your kids can benefit from. Just make sure that they don’t spend too much time in front of a screen, and that they’re several feet away from the TV.

There you go! These activities are your sure bets to keep any kid busy and happy during wet season. So don’t despair when the rainy days hit Malaysia. Consider these suggested activities above, and you’ll be guaranteed to have some fun memories to treasure down the road.

4 Alternative Activities for Children Who Like to Stay Indoors

4 Alternative Activities for Children Who Like to Stay Indoors

Play is an essential part of a child’s upbringing. It is important for them to socialize with other kids and be exposed to different environments. While having kids play outdoors regularly is the ideal set-up, it is important to note that not all kids are comfortable spending time outdoors.

In some cases, it is better for them to stay indoors due to various health reasons. This does not mean though that they should miss out on all the fun.

Here are four fun and creative activities for kids who prefer to stay indoors:

  1. Board Games

Image result for Board Games Activities for Children Who Like to Stay IndoorsSnakes and Ladders, chess, checkers, Monopoly and other board games promise hours of indoor fun for children. They can play these with their parents, other adults, or kids like them who’d rather stay home than play at the sandbox. These games develop not only their imagination but quick thinking and judgement.

  1. Arts and Crafts Activities

Scrapbooking, quilting, creating posters and paintings are also worthwhile activities to invest time in. Crafting allows your child to express his or her individuality and creativity. Having various knick knacks and art pieces is a bonus result.

  1. Baking and Cooking

Cooking and baking are good ways to teach your kids about nutrition and eating better. While it doesn’t hurt to let them have the occasional chocolate cookie or red velvet cupcake, learning how to prepare their own meals is an important life skill. It means your children will grow up to be adults who’d rather cook than buy food in take-out containers all the time. They’ll learn the value of a home-cooked meal and how nutritious fresh produce over processed meats are.

  1. Camping and Stargazing

If your kids are unable to join outdoor activities, help make up for it by having your own camping session in your backyard. Set up tents or blankets and lie under the stars. Teach your kid about the planets and stars by having a telescope for him or her to look through. This activity will open your child’s interest in the universe and all the wonders it holds.

These are just a few suggestions for indoor activities. Alternatively, you can let your child burn off unexpended energy at ball pits or bounce castles. You can also visit one of the many indoor playgrounds in KL for various activities and games. Some of them are conveniently located inside malls so you can shop or dine while waiting for them.