Top 4 Penis Enlargement Procedures To Try In Malaysia


A lot of men, including Malaysian men, with average-sized penises express that they’d like to have bigger ones. Which is not that surprising, considering how the media constantly portrays men with larger penises as being more masculine and manly. The penis enlargement industry itself is worth multi-billion dollars globally, indicating that the products are always in high demand, regardless of its effectiveness.

Every year, there will always be some medical organizations that claim they’ve found the best and the most effective procedures for penis enlargement. In Malaysia, there are several penis enlargement procedures available; some of them are safe and legal, while others are not. Check out these four penis enlargement procedures to consider:

  1. Penis surgeries

There are two types of penis surgeries: penis length surgery and penis girth surgery. The first one involves cutting the attached ligament of the penis and skin grafting at the penis’ base to add length to the penis. The average length (flaccid) that can be achieved through this procedure is around 2cm. The second one involves the injection of fat (taken from other parts of your body) into the penis. An increase of 1cm-4cm in circumference can be expected through this procedure. If you’re interested in getting penis enlargement injections in Malaysia, make sure to find out about the possible complications. Since these types of treatments are meant for cosmetic purposes, they are most likely to be available at private medical or beauty centers.

  1. Liposuction

For those with large guts or men who are overweight, undergoing a liposuction could make the penis appear bigger. The surgical procedure involves removing the excess fat under the abdomen and near the pubic area. This will allow for the buried penis to be more visible and prominent. With this procedure, you’ll gain at least 2cm in penis length. However, this will only last for a short term if you put on weight again. The procedure can be sought at public or private medical centers, though you’d need to consult with medical professionals first.

  1. Traction device for penis enlargement

Traction device should be use with extra caution when you’re trying to extend the size of your penis. The devices might work best for men with small penis. If used consistently for six months, an increase of 1cm-2cm in penis size is noticeable. To use this treatment effectively and safely, do so under the supervision of a doctor.

  1. Penile implants

This type of procedure is an option for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) and Peyronies disease. The prosthesis or devices come in two types: inflatable or malleable (bendable) which are surgically implanted within the body. The surgery is permanent and complex, taking between one to two hours to complete. Access to this type of procedure is often restricted to ED sufferer,s that are unlikely to recover naturally, or show improvement from other types of treatment. The procedure is available at hospitals and private medical centers.



Prior to undergoing any procedure, make sure you consult with a health professional to determine which procedure is best for you, based on your condition and needs. Another alternative to these procedures are exercises. Certain exercises, such as stretching, kegel, or weightlifting, help to increase the girth and length of your penis naturally. If you have the time and patience, consider doing these exercises on a regular basis for several months until you start seeing visible results.

Want To Grow A Fuller And Thicker Beard? Top Essentials About Beard Transplant



You may have come across the quote–“Man without a beard is like a lion without a mane.” This simply means that a lion without a mane has lost its purpose, just like a man unable to grow a beard. It’s because of reasons like this that most people are considering taking the surgical route to spruce up their facial hair beauty. In fact, many men are getting rid of their baby face look, because growing a glorious beard is sometimes seen as a sign of masculinity. The procedure has also gradually become a global craze.  Below is a summary of the top essentials of a beard transplant surgery.

Low Maintenance

The new artificial beard you get after surgery is usually very manageable. It looks like a naturally-grown beard, although this time you’re not required to use any special product to maintain its volume. A beard transplant is also a onetime process. This simple fact relieves you from frequently visiting the doctor, contrary to many procedures that require you to go back several times to maintain it.

Cost Effective

You might be thinking, “How is a beard transplant surgery cost effective?” First, costs of other treatments may appear small, but they never end. Second, you pay for your beard transplant costs only once, which make it more budget friendly than in most procedures. And to top it all, your transplanted beard lasts a lifetime, which makes the cost worthwhile. If you want a great and permanent solution for your beard-growing problems, consider beard transplantation.

Natural Process

Some people are skeptical about hair implants because they think of it as a hazardous and an unsafe procedure. According to skin experts, hair transplants are quite safe and natural. A patient isn’t exposed to major wounds, and they experience no pain at all. This means the moment you wish to have an artificial beard, you’re sure no special substances will be used to harm your skin. In fact, the end results are terrific that many people won’t be able to tell whether you had a beard transplant or not.

Stop Balding

After your new beard is fixed, your worry of ever experiencing any hair related issues will be long gone. The results acquired from a beard transplant surgery are highly effective, and you’re unlikely to see balding again. Also, your confidence around people will get a boost, because you’ll be bringing  your new, attractive, and youthful look. Which is a legitimate reason to get beard transplant surgery now.



Above are some of the top essentials  when getting a beard transplantation. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is among the fastest growing cosmetic treatments for those who want to regain a full, thick beard transplant. The process involves carefully fixing together of follicular units to a full layer of artificial beard. In this treatment, you don’t have to worry about getting ugly scars, and you should expect fast recovery than in most treatments.



If you reside, or are thinking of undergoing a beard transplant in Malaysia, there are highly competent and authorized

FUE surgeons to get your beard transplant ready. One of them is Dr Chen Tai Ho. For a safe and effective surgery for a glorious beard, simply contact Dr Chen Tai Ho today!

Makeup Tips For Beginners: 10 Basic Things You Must Have In Your Beauty Kit

Just starting to wear makeup? For first-time makeup users, it can be daunting when faced with so many makeup products at once. Start with the basics. As you get used to wearing makeup, you can then progress to other more advanced makeup products. These are the 10 basic things you must have first:

  1. Moisturiser Pick the ideal moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type.
  2. Primer Primer is important as it helps keep your makeup stay on all day and appear fresh without the need to reapply.
  3. Shade Choose the right shade of foundation to avoid looking like a clown. Pick something that matches your skin tone.
  4. Bronzer Bronzer is super essential, especially for contouring your face (and even your cleavage to make your breasts look bigger!). Also, a bronzer can give you a glow.
  5. Blush Pick the right shade of blush that matches your skin tone if you’re going for a natural look. You can go a little wild with a brighter shade.
  6. Lipstick Lipsticks are great as they come in various colours. Be adventurous and buy a few different shades for different occasions. Lipsticks can highlight the fullness of your lips, and an Elianto lipstick can do the trick.
  7. Lip liner If you’re using lipsticks, you’re going to need a lip liner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and also to keep it on.Image result for Lip liner If you’re using lipsticks, you’re going to need a lip liner to prevent your lipstick from bleeding and also to keep it on.
  8. Mascara Mascara is a lifesaver if you have thin eyelashes, and need to brighten up your eyes. Good mascara should be able to thicken and darken your eyelashes without irritating your eyes or needing to be reapplied.
  9. Eyeliner To make your eyes pop by adding the cat eye or Cleopatra look, eyeliner is a must-have item. There are so many eyeliner tricks that you can experiment with your eyeliner.
  10. Finishing powder Once you’ve applied everything on your face, it’s time to apply some finishing powder on your face to keep your makeup intact. A finishing powder also helps to brighten up your face.

If you’re the less fussy type, or have no time browsing through and getting all the different makeup products, you can also try buying a makeup starter kit. These starter kits are sold at major beauty stores and come in different packages and price range. Depending on your personal needs and budget, these kits can either be purchased online or offline.

5 Most Common Botox Side Effects

Looking your best is every woman’s dream, which is why beauty enhancement is widely accepted nowadays. There are several ways to improve one’s appearance, and one of the most popular options is getting a Botox treatment.

Getting Botox injection is one of the easiest ways to achieve the beauty that you’ve been dreaming of. Botox can lift up your face and remove wrinkles left by muscle movement (such as the wrinkling of skin between your brows). The process is also fairly easy and lasts for only a few minutes. You will see the results in as little as two days, but you should be able to see the full effect in two weeks. At the second week mark, you can re-evaluate whether you need additional injections or not.


However, before rushing to get an injection at the nearest cosmetic clinic, you also need to understand that that you need to be aware of. Here are the most common ones:

  1. Frozen face. Because Botox paralyzes your motion wrinkles, the muscles associated with it are also affected, which may cause muscle stiffness. It is therefore much tougher to create facial expressions, especially in the first several weeks; hence the term “frozen face”.

Image result for Weakened muscles. Botox injection paralyzes the muscles, which in turn makes the muscles weaker. Weaker muscles are more prone to sagging, as compared to muscles that have not been subjected to Botox injections.

  1. Weakened muscles. Botox injection paralyzes the muscles, which in turn makes the muscles weaker. Weaker muscles are more prone to sagging, as compared to muscles that have not been subjected to Botox injections.

  1. Bruising, swelling and soreness. Bruising and swelling are possible for any type of injection. If a blood vessel is hit during injection, some of the blood will leak to the skin and muscle, causing a bruise. Bruising is frequently accommodated by soreness.

  1. Allergic reaction. The most common sign of allergic reaction is getting hives. Breathing difficulties and swelling of the face are also manifestations of an allergy to Botox.


  1. Image result for Spreading of the toxin to other parts of the bodySpreading of the toxin to other parts of the body. Although not very common, there have been some instances when botulinum, the toxin contained in Botox, spread to other parts of the body, causing serious side effects. These include bladder control problems, blurring or loss of vision, chest pain, trouble breathing, headache and fever. If any of these happen to you, you must immediately seek the help of a doctor to prevent the side effects from escalating.


With every medical procedure that you undergo, whether it is for medical or cosmetic reasons, you always have to understand all the aspects of the treatment. This way, you will have a fair knowledge of what you’re doing and can therefore manage your expectations. It would also be helpful to inform the doctor performing the procedure of any medications you are taking so as to prevent adverse reactions in your body.