6 Simple Ways Women Can Be Successful In The Construction Industry

6 Simple Ways Women Can Be Successful In The Construction Industry

Are you a woman interested in building a successful career in the construction industry, but worried if your gender would be a hindrance? In Malaysia, a good majority of women in the construction industry can often be found doing project management or administration, and many are also based on site. Whatever type of role you’re interested in, here are six simple ways you can be successful in the industry:

  1. Come across as focused and mature During the recruitment process, you must come across as focused and mature. Do some research not only about the job role, but the industry as a whole as well as the company that you’d like to work for (including finding out about what they do). Know what your goal is and don’t be afraid to let the hiring manager know should the opportunity arise. Knowing where you’re going and what you’re interested in indicates that you’re serious about being in the industry.Come across as focused and mature while researching construction job in every company
  2. Be proactive and take on new challenges Even if you’ve got all the necessary qualifications, you must always be proactive, especially when it comes to your career progression. See any skills that you can develop or incompetencies that you can fix. That said, don’t be afraid to take on new challenges. You can learn as you go when you’re doing something new. The most important thing is for you to have self-belief and be convincing that you’re the person for the project. Be open to new experience.
  3. Verify information It’s ok if you don’t know everything. If you receive queries from contractors and aren’t sure of what to tell them, politely reply that you’ll get back to them once you’re able to verify the information. Being honest about what you know and don’t know, and taking the responsibility of finding the solution or answer will earn you greater respect among the people you work with. It’s more important to be right and taking the time to do so, rather than give instant answers that turn out to be wrong and costly.
  4. Take charge You may find yourself being a leader in a project, which makes it crucial for you to take charge. A lot of female professionals in the industry admit feeling apprehensive at the start of their career when it comes to giving direction or supervising, particularly when they’re on site. Overcome this by doing the best you can and leveraging on your strengths.
  5. Speak up If something goes wrong, don’t be afraid to speak your mind. This will be the time where your communication and interpersonal skills play an important role in determining the success of the project you’re handling. Deal with people professionally and respectfully, without going too soft. Additionally, try not to second guess yourself too much when making a decision
  6. Know your own worth If you think you’ve worked hard and are good at your job after working for a while in the industry, you should ask for a raise when the right time comes. Look for a good opportunity and bring it up during an appraisal meeting.

In Malaysia, there’s a growing number of women joining the construction industry working on various types of roles. If you’re interested in building a career in the construction industry, check out the various construction jobs in Malaysia within your specialty and interest. Keep the six tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to a rewarding and successful career in construction.

Building a Profitable Consultancy Business – 4 Tips for Starting a Successful Consulting Venture

For many businesses hoping to cut back on the cost of taking care of full-time employees, hiring consultants is the best course of action. Basically, a consultant is a specialist in any field of expertise who can be hired for the purpose of providing expert advice and information, to help businesses grow and succeed. Often considered glorified freelancers, being a consultant can be very lucrative, especially if the information and skill you have is of particular importance to companies around you. That’s why consulting jobs in Malaysia have been on a steady rise throughout the past few years. But establishing a successful consultancy takes a lot more than just hanging a sign outside your door and hoping for the best. Find out how to build a profitable consultancy business by following these 4 sure fire tips for guaranteed success.

  1. Start Networking – It’s going to be tough to find the right clients if people don’t know who you are. Many of those who are in the consultancy business succeed because they have familiar names that immediately pop up in the minds of their clients and contacts, if and when the need for a professional like them arises. Be sure to expand your horizons and network as much as you can. By establishing a strong base of contacts, you can become more prominent, which will ultimately ease the process of finding clients.
  2. Get Organized – A good consultant is one who can make the most of their time, especially because many employers and clients will only take on partnerships with consultants for a limited amount of time. This means you should be able to maximize the time you have, optimizing returns no matter how short your contract might be. Get organized and make sure you operate on a smart time table, to help improve your reputation and make you more valuable to your clients.
  3. Earn Certificates – The more you know, the more likely clients will want to hire you. It’s just that simple. Consultants who have a large body of knowledge in their field are more likely to get hires, because they’re generally seen as having greater value than others who don’t know quite as much. By earning different certificates through online courses and seminars, you set yourself apart and make your skill and knowledge more appealing to individuals looking to hire a consultant with your kind of background.
  4. Stay in the Now – If, for instance, you’re peddling yourself as a consultant for information technology services, but you don’t know much about computers and online resources. How likely is it that you’ll get hired? Common sense will tell you that one of the most important things you can do as a consultant looking for clients would be to stay in the now. Because technologies and principles are ever changing, keeping yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and practices in your niche will help you provide relevant advice and information that will be of actual use to your clients. Make sure you keep reading and keep learning to update your body of knowledge and help maintain your position on top of the latest industry trends.

Are you ready to be a valuable consultant to the companies around you? Bring your career to higher ground and develop a reputation as a valuable consultant by remembering these 4 helpful tips for a successful career.

Triumph Over Turn-Over – 3 Effective Strategies for Human Capital Management


It’s hard to find worthy, competent, and diligent employees to perform the different functions of a company, so you can just imagine the frustration and difficulty business owners face when good workers leave their employment. According to studies conducted in Malaysia, there is a high correlation between employees’ intention to quit and their action of actually quitting. This basically means when workers in Malaysia desire or attempt to quit their job, they most probably will. One common reason for quitting is the employer’s faulty human capital management practices. If you don’t want to be that business owner who has to constantly sift through resumes and conduct interviews for new recruits, this list of effective strategies should help you build a solid and happy work force.

  1. Provide Career Opportunities

There is a big difference between a job opportunity and a career opportunity, and that is mainly that a career opportunity provides the chance for career development and growth as a professional. According to statistics, career opportunity is the top consideration and a motivating factor that keeps workers engaged in their jobs. Unfortunately, only 57% of employees in Malaysia believe they have career growth potential in their current employment. Employers should be aware that while their workers are pivotal in growing their business, they should also constantly try to improve and encourage growth throughout their work force.

  1. Appreciate Your Employees

This might sound a little vague, but you can make a huge difference by giving your employees a pat on the back when they do good. In Malaysia, only 54% of employees are made to feel like their company’s biggest asset, despite over 90% of companies stating that their work force is their greatest advantage. Believe it or not, the feeling of being overworked and underappreciated is also a good enough reason for workers to leave and look for other employment options. To provide them the sense of appreciation, offer incentives, hold awarding ceremonies, or simply tell them they’ve been doing a good job whenever appropriate and necessary.

  1. Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy

Hazardous jobs or unsanitary work spaces can make employees feel unsafe and unhappy. Aside from making sure that your office space is clean and organized, you should also prevent any accidents and injuries that could cause employee turn-over. . They are even tailored to your unique need, regarding hazards, dangers, and safety practices – depending on your work space and employment nature.


Are your workers your top asset? Make them feel that way by putting these three effective employment management practices into action, so you can prevent workers from abandoning ship. Then, watch your business grow into a thriving, profitable, and successful venture.

Starting Your Malaysia-Based Business the Right Way

Starting Your Malaysia-Based Business the Right Way


Online entrepreneurship is one of the earmarks of today’s generation. Being a relatively nascent industry, online businesses are teeming with opportunities to make money with minimal to no physical presence required. Yet while many people dare venture the industry, not everyone succeeds. In fact, according to multiple sources, 90 percent of internet startups turn belly up within their first four months. Don’t let yourself be part of the statistic by reading these five tips for online entrepreneurs who’ve decided to take on Malaysia’s ripe e-commerce platform.

Understand and Execute the Basics 

Stick to the fundamental internet marketing etiquette. High volumes of email messages, phone calls and texts, and other aggressive forms of marketing can earn your brand a bad reputation. Such techniques are not worth the energy you spend to achieve them. Read up on the Terms and Conditions imposed by programs and third-parties you decide to partner with to avoid breaching contracts and paying hefty penalties.

Continuously Learn and Sharpen Skills 

Although it’s important to concentrate on aspects that help build and manage the online business, learning new skills is especially useful in the ever-changing internet landscape. Balance your time between internet marketing techniques and back-end program scripting. These skills can be acquired even just by investing an hour or two of your time per day, yet can play an integral role in your online business’ future success.

Get Organized 

Running an online business in Malaysia is inherently chaotic but even more so when you are disorganized. Keep all business dealings logged and sensitive files and backups stored properly. Manage your software programs and email accounts for updates and backups. Ultimately, your goal is to be able to access any file or program within less than a minute. Tidying up your computer and desk can optimize productivity and work quality.

Choose the Right Virtual Office Provider 

Virtual offices as the title implies, offer telecommunication and address services without leasing actual physical work space. You will be given a remote receptionist, virtual assistant, and even a dedicated call center to transmit and receive phone requests of your customers. What keeps this service invaluable specifically for online entrepreneurs is that it minimizes office overhead expenses while also helps retain the client’s professionalism.

Launch It 

A brilliant idea is worthless until you actually create something from it. You can get 10 to 20 ideas per day but none of them will have actual value. Being an online entrepreneur in Malaysia or anywhere else in the world for that matter must have the self-starter attitude to get good ideas off the ground and build value around it. Once you get an idea, draft a plan of attack for it and start gathering your financial and intellectual resources to make it happen.

Despite the overwhelmingly high failure rates for online entrepreneurs, the career path is one worthwhile taking. It teaches you discipline and innovation in the process of building the brand, gives you limitless profit potential and teaches you how to manage risk effectively, and grants you the financial independence from having to work for someone else.