What To Consider Before Choosing Bicycle Pumps In Malaysia

What To Consider Before Choosing Bicycle Pumps In Malaysia


Every cyclist needs to have a bike pump available to inflate a flat tire or check the tire pressure before riding his/her bicycle. A bike pumpis one of the mandatory tools you must own if you want to do bicycle maintenance yourself. There is a broad list of options available when it comes to bicycle pumps. One popular brand (Toepeak pump) has a staggering 46 different models available for your choosing. Before , there are certain options to consider. See below some of these options.

Tips To Consider
The options to consider can range from size, construction and gauge accuracy to capabilities of the bicycle pumps. Some of them include;

  1. Gauging accuracy 
    Search for a gauge that offers a suitable pressure range and is easy to read. Since gauges are normally accurate at the centre of the range, if you want to inflate your mountain bike tyre accurately (between 23-25psi) you will need a gauge that has a low-pressure accuracy (or a separate pressure gauge).
  2. Pressure 
    High-pressure pumps are ideal. They are usually a trade-off for gauge accuracy or volume output. Because of this, most brands likeToepeak pumpoffer models that are specific with both road and mountain biking.
  3. Size 
    If your bicycle pump is going to be at home most of the time, then its size isn’t going to a problem. But if you plan to carry the bicycle pump on every ride then size is an important factor to consider. The smallest size mini-pumps will inflate a tyre though they are limited in air volume.
  4. Volume 
    High-volume pumps will mean a lower maximum pressure or taking fewer strokes to reach the pressure you desire. Because mountain bike tyres need far greater volume (or lower pressure), a high-volume pump will be ideal for you. If your bike tyres are tubeless, a massive volume output pump may be enough to seat the tyre without an air compressor.
  5. Weight 
    Like size, weight isn’t an issue if the pump will be left at home. A sturdy pump that does not topple is ideal. But if you are looking to carry it along every time, you do not need something heavy. Expensive pumps are made with lightweight materials like aluminium or carbon fibre. But there are many perfect plastic options available too. Do not give up a light-weight pump for something that doesn’t suit your needs.
  6. Construction 
    The construction quality of bicycle pumps is usually in line with its price. The more metal it contains, the more expensive the pump becomes. When it comes to track pumps, the cheapest option is plastic (will wobble and flex when used heavily eventually giving up). On the other hand metal pumps are far more solid. They can keep going under heavy use and are worth rebuilding.
  7. Durability 
    This applies to the expensive pumps (they are usually seen as a long-term investment). Most brands offer a range of spares to keep your pump working. The most important spares are the valve gasket or the head. Do not buy a more expensive pump if its spares aren’t readily available.


Since a bicycle pump is one of the important tools you must own if you want to do bicycle maintenance yourself, it safe to follow the guide above to get the best results.

Staying Safe When Riding With Other Cyclists

Staying Safe When Riding With Other Cyclists


classy-inthecity.com Your Dose Of Classy!: Anybody that enjoys some type of physical activity has to put safety first. The same is true when it comes to riding a road bike in Malaysia, or anywhere else for that matter. For an individual that enjoys cycling on specialized road bikes or similar high-quality machines, there are a few safety tips that have to be taken into consideration. The most important thing to remember is that a road bike is something that can potentially have a number of risk factors. Therefore, it is vitally important to use the right safety equipment and ensure that you always put safety first. Of course, is equally important that you challenge yourself so you can get the most out of your ride.

Use the Right Equipment

When you are cycling, it is of paramount importance that you ensure that you stay properly hydrated, that you know where you are going and have a way to call for help if a problem occurs, and that you ride with a helmet. If you have been riding for any length of time whatsoever, these are things that you already know. It is equally important that you utilize a high quality road bike like specialized road bikes. The higher the quality of the machine that you are using, the less the chances are that you might experience some type of mechanical problem with the machine itself. This in turn allows you to focus on things like safety and performance instead of worrying about what the machine is doing.

Always Put Safety First

It is rather easy to allow yourself to get drawn into competition that is so fierce that you forget to put safety first when you are cycling with other individuals. However, you can’t allow competition to get in the way of safety. This is why it is so important that you always ensure that both you and everyone else you are riding with are doing so in a safe manner. It is equally important that you realize you might be riding the over a lot of different types of terrain. Sometimes the terrain might be uneven and sometimes you might be sharing the road with automobiles, so it is extremely important that you take these factors into consideration any time that you decide to go on an outing.

Challenge Yourself

With all of that being said, it is important to challenge yourself. This is especially true when you are riding with other cyclists. There is certainly nothing wrong with a little competition, especially when you do it the right way. As long as you are being safe about the way you are riding, challenging yourself and others to go faster or ride longer is a good thing. It can actually help you increase your level of skill and increase your fitness level at the same time. It also give you the self-confidence that you need to realize that you can achieve new things with your cycling skills as you constantly exploring new horizons.

In closing, you should always make sure that everything you do is done with safety in mind and that you have the best equipment that you can possibly have at your disposal. Once those two things are taken care of, it is time to go out and ride so you can simply enjoy being in the moment. You might be surprised with how well you can really do if you get in the zone and allow yourself to enjoy being there.