4 Fascinating Wealth Management Secrets You Can Learn from Alibaba Founder Jack Ma

Wealth is a financial measure that is not easily attained by many. The path to financial freedom is often rooted in perseverance, determination, tenacity, and hard work. Self-made billionaires and industry leaders often embody these traits and the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group; Jack Ma is one of them. Having recorded the largest IPO in US history, Jack Ma is now synonymous to the title ‘the richest man in China.’ Today, his advice have turned into philosophies that are adopted by people who want to create value in private financing and and abroad. Over the years, Jack Ma has taught many lessons on money management and here are some of them.


  1. With great luxury comes greater responsibility

Almost everyone is imbued with a false perception that having billions in your bank account equates to luxury and glamor. ‘When you have more than one billion dollars or a hundred million dollars, that’s a responsibility you have—it’s the trust of people on you because people believe you can spend money better than the others’ Jack Ma once said. Do your part in your society by investing on goodwill projects, corporate social responsibility, and research development.


  1. Seize every opportunity that knocks on your door

In the realm of business, no opportunities are too small or too big. Jack Ma is a man who believes in seizing and investing on ventures that guarantee profitable turnover and bright future. If there’s a business prospect that resonates with your passion and ideas, don’t be afraid to take it up and push it to its fullest potential.


  1. Capitalize on your youth

‘If you’re still poor at 35, it’s your fault!’ That has become the wake-up statement that shakes up every entrepreneur and business like minds to the core.  Your decade of youth is the best time to capitalize on your imagination, ambition, and vigor. Make mistakes and learn from them. Sprint ahead and chase your dream. Then, reap the rewards that you sow when you turn 35.


  1. Never price your worth as free

In this day and age, free lunches are non-existent, and Jack Ma agrees when he said ‘free is the most expensive word.’ Every tasks and project on your table require your precious time and valuable effort. Instead of promoting your business with the promise of free things, acknowledge your worth and earn your followings by pricing them right. By building your reputation this way, you will gain respect and loyal following in return.


Managing your wealth successfully in Malaysia requires an altered perspective about money and finances. Founder of Alibaba Group, Jack Ma is an example that anyone can take on the path to success. To mirror his achievements into your personal wealth management, embrace Jack Ma’s advice at heart such as capitalizing on your youth and seizing every opportunity that knocks on your door.

A Simple Cycling Guide: 4 Super Cool and Effective Cycling Tips For Beginners

A Simple Cycling Guide: 4 Super Cool and Effective Cycling Tips For Beginners

A Simple Cycling Guide 4 Super Cool and Effective Cycling Tips For Beginners


Cycling is a truly refreshing and liberating experience, enjoyed by people of all ages across the world. Malaysia, in particular, is a hotbed of cyclist fans who visit the place every year to experience the magical beauty of the country. On the other hand, it’s important to make sure that you’re a fit cyclist to make your road bike trip super-exciting and more fun. Below are 4 awesome cycling tips beginners should use to make their bike trip around Malaysia a worthy splurge.







When planning a good and reinvigorating cycling trip

  1. Buy the right bike

When planning a good and reinvigorating cycling trip, it’s important to ensure you pick and purchase the right bike. Different bikes offer different road trip experiences, so it’s important to choose a bike that better fits your needs. Mountain bikes are deemed to provide a smooth cycling experience, every time you want to stay fit and spectacle the country’s sweeping attractions. Its gears are very effective, easy to find and replace, which means nothing can stop you from getting to any destination. Wondering ? The country is dotted with a variety of convenient bicycle shops where you can grab a mountain bike that suits your needs. Make sure to give it a test drive first to ensure it’s in good shape before buying.






For most people, cycling is an effective form of exercise in their everyday lives

  1. Get Fit

For most people, cycling is an effective form of exercise in their everyday lives .Shorter, harder rides as well as longer but less nerve-wracking tasks are deemed to boost cycling recovery speeds. This is important to keep you riding quicker for longer, which means your body would be able to cover longer trails than before. Similarly, adding a healthy meal to your fitness regime that’s high in protein and starch would really help store your body’s energy. This means your body’s stamina and cycling episodes would last longer over the long haul.







Resting gives the body time to adjust and recover

  1. Take short breaks

For your body to cycle longer and harder, it’s necessary to hold short breaks in between cycling sessions. Resting gives the body time to adjust and recover, hence prepares you for the next ride. As your body slowly adapts to this routine, that’s when you realise your performance and technical abilities improve every day.







challenge becomes better every day is by making cycling a habit

  1. Make cycling a habit

The most effective way to make sure your cycling challenge becomes better every day is by making cycling a habit. Make your bike a first and top priority, among the many different means of transport you use every day. Cycle to work, school, and any other place that gives you much joy. Within a short time, you’d be surprised to find the stamina you’ve garnered to cover long and steep terrains you always dreamt pursuing.



There are many ways in which people can admire and indulge in all the breathtaking attractions in Malaysia—and cycling around is one of them. Some people like to ride about for fun; others like to ride about to stay fit and healthy. Whatever your reasons are, it’s best to ensure you’re fit to cycle around so that your biking tour can become a refreshing and pleasant affair. Follow the amazing beginner cycling tips shared in this guide to ensure you’re safe and your road bike trip becomes something to cherish every day.

5 Best Reasons To Choose A Pre-U Course If You Haven’t Figured Everything Out

5 Best Reasons To Choose A Pre-U Course If You Haven’t Figured Everything Out

475_2As soon as you’re done with your SPM, you’re likely to be bombarded with questions like “what are you going to do with your life?” or “where will you be studying at?” Many people at your age haven’t figured out what they want to do with their lives, so you’re not alone. Take this time to enjoy your youth, and explore what you like to do as much as you can. If you’re still unsure of what you’re interested in, check out these five best reasons to choose a pre-university course:


  1. Improve your English If your English language skills need some brushing up, a pre-U course could be the perfect platform for you to polish your skills. Your college or university will have a different, more diverse environment which allows for better communication between your peers and faculty members and gives you the chance to converse in English. There’ll be people from all walks of life with different levels of English skills, so don’t hesitate to improve it. Unlike speaking English at your school, you won’t be mocked if you try to improve your language skills at your college or university.


  1. Have the flexibility to choose modules or subjects

Unlike high schools where everything is dictated by the authority, you’ll have more autonomy when you do a pre-U programme. Most pre-U programmes allow for flexibility when it comes to choosing the subjects or modules of your liking, and you also get to decide whether you want to attend classes held in the afternoon or evening. This is perfect if you hate waking up early in the morning!


  1. ‘Test-drive’ a particular course

Pre-U programmes require you to choose a pathway so you’ll be able to take specific subjects of your choice. However, you may discover that the course isn’t the right one for you during your programme, making it easier for you to transfer or switch courses. Doing so at a pre-U level is cheaper and less complicated compared to finding out what you don’t like during a degree course.


  1. Have the freedom to apply to any international university

Depending on your pre-U programme, you may be able to apply to any international university in countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand – the top countries most Malaysian students would choose to go to. If you aspire to study in a particular country, make sure your pre-U programme is based on the country’s learning methods.


  1. Get the grades needed

If you have some idea of what you want to do when you enter the workforce, you’ve probably figured out which degree course to take. However, you may not meet the minimum entry requirements for the course, and this is where a pre-U qualification comes in handy. It helps you to get the grades you need in order to pursue the degree course of your choice. It also helps you prepare for challenging subjects so you’ll get used to how demanding the course will be.


In addition to specific subjects such as communications, business, law, sciences, or accounting, all pre-U programmes include MQA subjects like Moral Studies and Malaysian Studies, and core subjects that include Maths and English. If all of this sounds awesome to you, you can . The minimum requirement to enter a pre-U programme is five credits in SPM, with passes in Maths, History, English, and Bahasa Malaysia. Certain pathways like accounting or science require you to meet the specific grade in related subjects.

Sure with Insurance – 6 Reasons Why Getting Covered Is An Investment You Should Make

Sure with Insurance – 6 Reasons Why Getting Covered Is An Investment You Should Make


Turn on the news, and you’re bound to hear plenty of different stories about people getting hurt, injured, or worse through a multitude of different ways. No doubt, it’s easy to see that our world has become dangerous now more than ever, and that’s why it’s important to make sure you have the right kind of protection to keep you and your family safe and secure no matter what the tides might bring. For many in Malaysia, the answer lies in getting covered with a comprehensive personal insurance that will compensate them or their family. If you’re still on the fence about whether , these 6 reasons will tell you why getting covered is the smartest move you can make.1

  1. Flexible – Insurance providers understand that different people have different needs. The risks and dangers that are present in the life of a construction worker living in the city, for example, differ greatly from an office worker who goes home to the suburbs. That said, it’s possible to have a policy tailored just for you so that you only pay for coverage that you really need. This allows you to maximize your budget by availing of different features that you’re sure to be able to benefit from in the future.2
  2. Comprehensive – You might think that the coverage you get at work is more than enough to keep you aptly protected, but any insurance provided by an employer is a generalized policy that doesn’t really cover you against a lot of threats. Often, the insurance provided by your employer will only provide protections against a few minor dangers like illness and injury. But in the case of death, you shouldn’t expect to get anything to compensate your family. That’s why it’s ideal to avail of your own individual personal insurance to have all the different aspects of your life properly protected.3
  3. Affordable – Many hear the word ‘premium’, and they automatically think they need to pay thousands just to keep their coverage. But that’s not actually the case. Insurance coverage isn’t as expensive as you think. Depending on the kind of policy you get, you can enjoy lower premiums. If you go out of your way to reduce the risk in your life, your insurance provider might even slash off some of the cost as a result of the reduced danger.4
  4. Convenient – If you thought you could only make a claim if you get injured, get sick, or die, then you thought wrong. Depending on the kind of policy you’ve purchased, you can get a cash out when your coverage matures, which can span anywhere from 5, 10, or 15 years. If the policy holder is alive when the coverage reaches its maturity, you are entitled to a hefty sum of money which can be used to pay for education, housing, or any other personal expenses you may have lined up.5
  5. For Everyone – When you buy personal insurance even just for yourself, members of your family will be included in your coverage as well. Aside from the fact that they will be the main beneficiary in case of death, they also get their own coverage as an extended feature of your own policy. If you want to beef up their plan, you have the option to do so at your own discretion.6
  6. Discounts – If you’re already paying for health insurance, property insurance, and auto insurance, getting personal insurance from the same provider will grant you access to attractive discounts that will significantly reduce your monthly premiums. This way, you won’t only enjoy comprehensive coverage for all the aspects of your life, you’ll also get to experience the benefits of protection at a reduced cost . Personal insurance shouldn’t be optional, so be sure to get covered today. Step out of your fears, live without worry, and keep your loved ones protected by getting a comprehensive personal insurance policy and investing in the right kind of security.
5 Steps In Ensuring A Complete Quality Food Control In Malaysia

5 Steps In Ensuring A Complete Quality Food Control In Malaysia

ftsq_imgThe government of Malaysia through its Ministry of Health is rather strict in making sure that the regulations and policies they put forth are followed by owners of food businesses. The responsibility of checking the safety of food offered in restaurants and eateries is performed by the Ministry’s Food Quality Control Division. If you are planning to start a restaurant or you already own one, it’s important that you follow the rules. Your business permit can be revoked if inspectors from the ministry see that you’re not in compliance with any of them.

Here are some of the steps you should follow if you want to complete and pass the tests and ocular inspections done by the representatives of the Ministry of Health:ingredients-embark-on-raw

  1. You must come up with a clear plan on how and where you will get your raw ingredients. You must divulge this information in your business documents. Make sure that your sources and suppliers also follow government regulations on food supply safety. Since you are at the end of the supply chain, you will be the first to be inspected if contamination is found in the food that your restaurant serve.food-supplies_15311
  2. Set up an efficient storage system for both of your raw materials and other food supplies. One rule is that your raw ingredients like vegetables, fruits, and meat are stored separately from processed ingredients. This is to avoid cross-contamination between the two kinds of ingredients.untitled
  3. Make sure that you have all the necessary quality control measurement tools. These include thermometers, timers, scales, scoops, spoodles, measuring spoons, measuring cups, meters, and ladles. Always remember that the Ministry of Health has certain guidelines on how raw materials are stored and cooked. For instance, the ministry requires that meat products should be stored at 18 degrees Celsius. It’s important that you are aware of these specific policies.nassmuell-grafik
  4. Set up an efficient waste disposal system. One of the most common reasons why a lot of food establishments get their permits revoked is that they don’t have a clear waste disposal system. The kitchen can be messy with all the food wastes and it won’t look good in the eyes of government inspectors if you don’t have a clear-cut disposal system. You can deal with this problem by setting up an area which is a good distance away from the kitchen which can serve as your dumping area for all food wastes.landscape-1450137638-counter-organizing-index
  5. Maintain a clean and organized kitchen. This is a no-brainer but a lot of restaurant owners seem to take it for granted. Make sure that all the utensils are clean. Instruct your employees to mop up the floor every few hours. And last but not least, see to it that all food wastes are taken out at the end of the day to prevent contamination or pest infestation at night.

You have to keep in mind that inspections in food establishments are usually done at least once a year. In some instances, the inspectors will arrive unannounced and during random periods. With that said, you should make sure that you are in compliance will all the regulations at all time. You can get this done by doing the steps and practical tips discussed above.