A Buyer’s Essential Guide: 5 Important Things To Consider Before Buying A Digital Multimeter

An influx of digital multimeters (DMM) are widely available in the Malaysian market and online for testing voltages, currents, capacitances, resistances, and other parameters. Because of the way these devices have flooded the market, it has become difficult to determine which multimeter is suitable for users. Thus, it’s crucial for every buyer to take some measures and determine if the DMM they’re about to buy is high quality.

Below are 5 important factors every buyer should consider for them to buy the best digital multimeter in the market.

  1. Safety Measures When Using a Multimeter Because the device has a series of electrical equipment fixed in it, its safety features should be substantiated. The testing equipment should be given top priority, particularly when its circuit can relay more than 30V and high frequencies of current. Therefore, the use of banana plugs and internal blast shields should be highly considered on such occasions to prevent potential damage from massive shock. The DMM should also have wide flanges to help users slide their fingers seamlessly along the insulation area. The flanges also protect people from exposing themselves to fatal electric current hazards.
  2. Top Features to Look for in a Multimeter Some of the features found in many multimeter devices are mandatory while others are optional. All digital multimeters have an LCD screen and backlight features for use in the dark. The most basic DMM usually have basic functionalities, such as the readings of I, V and R. The highly advanced ones contain enhanced features such as capacitance, frequency calculation, and duty cycle. Others can articulate temperature readings in either Celcius or Fahrenheit scales.
  3. Brand of the Multimeter Many times, the quality of a product is highly determined by the reputation of its brand. Buyers should buy a DMM device whose brand has a striking reputation for creating authentic and high-quality products that people love. That’s why some search for a best-selling brand around their areas. At least this way, people would be sure they’re buying a long-lasting and authentic product that’s value for their money.
  4. Digital Multimeter Accuracy Users should ensure the DMM they’re about to buy is accurate at all times. The accuracy of a multimeter is the maximum permissible error limit observed in the readings. Before buying, users should have their DMM tested first to ensure its readings are accurate beyond any doubt.
  5. Multimeter Pricing The price at which a product is being sold tells much about the merchandise. The price of a multimeter should be reasonable and realistic depending on its brand, features, and quality of the device. Users should compare prices first with other sellers to truly determine the actual price of the DMM they want to buy.

With the high demand of digital multimeters in the market, it has become very challenging and tricky to purchase a quality DMM. The market seems to have been flooded with dubious and fake products, which many people grab only to be disappointed in the end. Before buying a digital multimeter in Malaysia, users should ensure the device they’re about to buy is authentic and high quality. They should also ensure the device is working properly, it comes from a reputable brand, and has impeccable features. More importantly, the 5 top factors shared in this guide should help every potential buyer at least purchase a quality DMM every time they’re shopping.

Top 4 Web Hosting Companies in Malaysia

Top 4 Web Hosting Companies in Malaysia

Image result for Web Hosting CompaniesHaving a reliable web host is a very important aspect of running a website. The quality of the host’s services will significantly affect the functions and features of your website. This is the reason it’s necessary that you take the time to weigh your options before you choose a host. To help you out, below is a quick overview of three of the best hosting firms in Malaysia.

Image result for Web Hosting Companies1) IPServerOne – One good reason why this company is a top choice among webmasters is the fact that it has been around for more than thirteen years. This means that they have the experience as well as the infrastructure to provide efficient services. On top of their basic hosting plan, they also offer advanced options like dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and co-location. Their most basic plan will cost you MYR 399 a year.

2) Shinjiru Technology – Another veteran in the industry, Shinjiru offers 3 main categories of hosting plans: economy, business, and enterprise. Your choice will depend on your space and bandwidth needs. As far as cloud hosting is concerned, Shinjiru is widely preferred because of their partnership with Microsoft, which happens to have the best cloud solutions in the industry. The company offers a 99.99% up-time rate for all their hosting plans. They also promise 24/7 support for all their clients.

3) Exabytes – This provider is much smaller compared to IPServerOne and Shinjiru, but it offers hosting plans that are efficient and affordable. Their basic plan will cost you just MYR 269 a year. You always have the option to upgrade if need be. The company also offers extra services like web design and mobile conversion. If you want more space for your mounting data, you can always avail yourself of their dedicated servers. Migrating and managing your data will be handled by the company.

4) TheGigabit – This company has been providing excellent hosting services since 2003. Their plethora of services include regular webhosting, dedicated hosting, and co-location. And they have great customer support. If you report problems in your servers, they’ll fix it immediately to normalize your operations.

These are the technology firms you should be looking into if you want a good and reliable web hosting company in Malaysia. Their services are a cut above the competition. Another big plus is they are based locally, so dealing with them would be a lot easier.

7 Web Server Colocation Tips Every Mid-size Company Needs To Know

7 Web Server Colocation Tips Every Mid-size Company Needs To Know

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Hosting a web server for mid-size companies is an integral part of business growth.  This can be challenging because a web server of any company needs to be assured that it’s fully functioning at all times. Server colocation is simply a way of preparing a full-fledged server together with its software and hardware, and installing it in a data centre with all its essential facilities and infrastructure. Hence a server colocation is vital where companies want something more than just web hosting to streamline its services. Here are a few server colocation tips to get you started on the right track.

1)    Know your server requirements. You need first to consider the essential requirements needed to setup the web server with all its components. The number of server units, type of server operating system, RAID hard drives, Database and RAM requirements is some of the big factors you need to choose wisely. Determine the most important components your web server needs before you even think of a colocation service. This way, you’ll be on the right track to finding a reputable web server that can cater for all your needs.

2)    Look for an adequate power backup facility. It is important to ensure the service provider you’re working with has an adequate power backup system. Failure to observe this can cause a fatal downtime error due to power failure, which any company can’t afford to risk.

3)    Choose a Firewall and WPN service which supports remote connectivity. Make sure the server colocation service you’re about to work with backup your server with a convenient Firewall and VPN facility. Price will often vary depending on the number of rules articulated, like whether their VPN supports remote coverage or not.

Image result for Choose a Firewall and VPN service

4)    Check for emergency data backup size and frequency. The company you’re using should offer adequate data backup storage and perform data backup check-ups frequently. Data backup is a crucial task; hence you need to ensure the company has sufficient space to render that particular purpose.

5)    Consider the number of load balancing servers. When a site’s traffic continues to increase, it’s important to have some balancing servers which control the massive workload. Make sure the number of load balancing servers you choose can serve the needs of clients efficiently, even as their numbers multiply.

6)    Look for high bandwidth with strong burstable bandwidth provision. In fact, this is among the most prime areas you need to be more vigilant on all the time. Depending on your site’s traffic and the kinds of services rendered by your site, bandwidth size may vary. Always choose sufficient bandwidth specs with a strong burstable bandwidth provision.

7)    Search for an effective IP monitoring facility. One of the top web server facilities to look out for is an IP monitoring system. This feature provides much enhanced security and provides you with a more versatile and convenient way to track site traffic.

All in all, server colocation is vital for any mid-size company that’s seeking a more efficient and reliable web hosting. Do some research first and think carefully of the requirements that can benefit your company before colocating your server. Around Malaysia, you can easily find a variety of reputable server colocation services tailored for your business needs. Give them a try sometime to experience fast and efficient web hosting that makes a huge difference.

5 Steps in Properly Packing a Parcel for Beginners

5 Steps in Properly Packing a Parcel for Beginners

Image result for Properly Packing a ParcelWhen sending crafts you’ve made to any point of the globe, it is very important to pack it properly. This way, the contents are secured and will not be damaged during transit. Moreover, your parcel will not be easily tampered with when it is tightly packed. This also applies to items that are fragile in nature such as glass or anything that uses thin plastic containers. If you are going to send fragile items through a forwarding company, the best way to secure it inside the box is by using EPE foam.



What is an EPE Foam?

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EPE stands for expanded polyethylene. This is produced by blowing heat, pressure, and a special chemical agent in an autoclave. The produced material can be shaped into any form. EPEs are highly durable, lightweight, and recyclable. The foremost application of this material is for insulation. Another application for EPEs is padding for securing parcels.


How to Properly Pack Your Parcel

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There are many ways to secure your parcel. Every person has his own preferred way of doing it. However, in order to truly secure the contents inside, you must know how to pack them like a professional.


Here are steps on how you can secure your parcel without worry:


  1. Place a tiny foam inside the box. This will serve as the under layer of the item to be shipped.


  1. Neatly wrap your item using bubble wrap, then place it inside the box. This will provide your item an extra layer of protection.


  1. Fill the remaining space of the box with EPEs, and then close it. This will become the top layer for the item inside just in case the box turns upside down while being delivered.


  1. Secure the opening of the box with a packaging tape. Do the same under the box.


  1. Place a sticker in one of the sides of the box with message indicating “this side up”. Drawing an arrow pointing upwards will help a lot.


It pays to know how to properly secure your parcel. Most unsecured parcels tend to get damaged while in transit because the protection placed inside the box is not enough to withstand tremendous pressure. Or sometimes they get damaged because the items have been packed too loosely inside. By doing the steps mentioned above, you can be sure that the recipient will get their craft items without any kind of damage.


The Many Uses Of Corrugated Plastic

If you are a manufacturer in need of a plastic container, more often than not you can use corrugated plastic. This is a catch-all title used to include a wide range of twinwall extruded plastic-sheets. Their value is their toughness, but very lightweight makeup. High-impact is a key element of why it is a universal. It is a great packing tool that can be molded into a wide variety of uses, as needed for transport.

Another value of this type of plastic is its makeup from polyprophylene, which is able to be recycled. Having an additional “green” eco-friendly aspect makes it a much-coveted and preferred material. Another positive attribute is that it is flexible for use in a variety of applications. In the world, it is used for agricultural, automotive, food-storage and shipping purposes.

One thing that can be done with this type of plastic is the creation containers. Hotels, restaurants and consumers need containers to store various things from dishware to silverware and small items to jewelry. Each container made from corrugated plastic is easily reusable. It also is washable so food-item storage is possible with the right care.

On top of holding items, this plastic is also a great solution for packing. It is high-impact so it can take the brunt of a long trip and protect more delicate cargo. It is a favorite for shippers everywhere who need to get items from one port to another, or from one country to another. Another advantage is that it is weather-resistant. For shippers everywhere, this is a definite plus. If the container gets wet, it won’t warp, fold or show signs of damage. The contents, whatever it is protecting, will remain untouched by the elements.

Plastic that is corrugated also is immune to harsh chemicals. This is another advantage for shippers, who oftentimes work with chemicals that can eat away at less durable plastic containers. In addition, it is perfect for special product shipments that require containment in anti-static, flame retardant, corrosive inhibiting, ultra-violet protecting and static-dissipative shells.

Another industry that uses this type of plastic is the automotive industry. Due to the plastic’s nature—being able to withstand a wide range of things—it is perfect for heavy-duty wear and tear. Any garage or warehouse benefits greatly from this product.

Finally, a newer application of this plastic is for small-pet cages. Many people find that it is flexible enough to be a safe location for their pet rat, guinea pig or ferret, but still sturdy enough to contain the animal. You can find these newer cages being promoted in pet stores more and more.

You may have used corrugated plastic without even knowing it. It can fall under the trademarked names of IntePro, Proplex, Correx, FlutePlast, Polyflute or Corriflute, to name a few. Regardless of what it is called though, it has changed the way people transport, store and protect items in a wide variety of industries. Likely you have been using it one way or another for a while now due to how valuable and reliable it is.

Your Luxury Watch Gift Will be Treasured Forever

Your Luxury Watch Gift Will be Treasured Forever


Too often when selecting a gift for a special person, the giver chooses an article with a temporary life span or interest. While this gift with a fleeting importance may be an exciting purchase that pleases the recipient temporarily, it will not remain in their memory as a treasure forever.

Select a Treasure for Today and Tomorrow
A luxury watch retains its value in both monetary worth and remains valuable in the memory of your loved one. A thing of beauty carefully selected by you for your loved one, a luxury watch symbolizes by its own worth in precious metal, gems and luxury design how much you appreciate the person to whom you give it. This is a compliment a man or woman will absorb readily and carry in their psyche. You have given them a gift with an increasing value of investment.

ON-BQ906_swissw_G_20160401005020 Malaysia Enters Market Investing in Luxury Watches
Collecting valuable watches is now a dominant trend within Malaysia. Consumers with high incomes enjoy investing in signature timepieces such as the brands:

  • Rolex
  • Tag Heur
  • Omega
  • Longine
  • Bulgaria

There are appreciation events held annually to show the most elite of the luxury watch brands. These exciting events bring internationally known brands of timepieces, and by holding the event, watch retailers add to the increasing demand and interest for the luxury watches among consumers and collectors. The first such exhibition to be held in Penang included collections of contemporary timepieces from Tissot, one of the most sought after luxury watch brands in the world.

Retaining Value Increases Resale
The primary reason for investing in the best brands of watches is their value increases with time, making the estate and resale markets very lucrative investments. Since Malaysia is comparatively new in this investing market, it is especially exciting for those eager to participate in the high end watch investment market. This category of collecting does not have the possibility of the probable downturn “correction” swings of other investments, since high cost watches of antiquity increase in value with time, and the only variant is slow appreciation of value or rapid increase in their worth.

The occurrence of international economic down turns or political unrest does not adversely affect the investments of expensive watches, jewels and precious metals, which can actually appreciate in their worth during times resulting in the fall of stock and other investments.

It is always prudent if you do not know the intricacy in investment merits of a fine watch, then you should know your jeweller. Certification of authenticity and the values of the gold, silver, platinum of the time piece and any adornment of jewels are very important. The most important significance to be weighed, however, is the brand’s historical increases in worth over time.