A Healthier You: Top Benefits of Starting Zumba

A Healthier You: Top Benefits of Starting Zumba

Want to get fit while having fun? Zumba makes that possible!

This popular fitness program has been used around the world by different age groups, genders, and cultures. People flock to gyms to experience this fitness program which aims to help you get fit while having fun. What could be more fun than dancing to your favourite song and losing calories in the process? If you are interested in starting Zumba, read our guide on Zumba and it’s many health benefits before you register for your first class.

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What is Zumba?

Zumba is an aerobic fitness program which features Latin American dance movements. Its routine incorporates resistance training and interval training in an alternation of slow and fast rhythm.

Benefits of Zumba

  1. Effective calorie and fat-burning method. Zumba is known to be an effective calorie-burner method. During one session you can lose 600 to 1000 calories.
  2. It is a full body workout. Zumba requires full body movement from the neck and shoulders down to the calves and ankles. It involves every muscle and joint which guarantees balanced toning and sculpting of the body.
  3. It gets you excited about working out. Since Zumba is fun and just like dancing, it is easy to get excited about getting fit. It entirely changes your idea about working out as you experience enjoyment instead of discomfort or boredom.
  4. It is open for everyone. Whether you are good at dancing or not, Zumba is suitable for you. The simple and easy movements mean that you do not need to feel intimidated. Everybody is there to have fun, lose some weight, and get fit!

With all the health and recreational benefits of zumba, what else are you waiting for? Sign up to a Fitness First gym of your preference and start Zumba fitness dance to kick start your day!

5 Strategies For Saving More Money in 2017

5 Strategies For Saving More Money in 2017

Saving money is not as easy as it looks. Federation of Malaysian Consumer Associations (FOMCA) Deputy President Mohd Yusof Abdul Rahman said a recent survey revealed that 30 to 40 percent of Malaysians do not have sufficient savings. If you are one of those who is struggling to save money, here are ways to do it the smart way:

  1. Participate in a money-saving challenge

Taking part in a challenge is a fun way to save money. Did you know that you can save as much as RM1378 in a year if you start with RM1 in the first week and doubling it in the ensuing weeks? You can use that money for things you have wanted to buy, like a flight ticket to a dream destination.


Saving in the bank is a low-risk type of investment. The usual savings account lets you earn around 0.25% interest per year. A high-yield saving account allows you to earn up to 0.80% per year if you made no withdrawals for months. It will encourage you to leave your funds alone while making more from it.

  1. Organize your finances

Tracking your expenses might mean extra work, but you will not be fully aware where your money goes unless you track it. Tracking your expenses will help you better allocate your expenses and will ensure that you get the most out of your income.

  1. Cut your grocery bill in half

Malaysians spend most of their salary on food. According to Finance Minister Il Johari Abdul Ghani, Malaysians spend 31.2-percent of their disposable income on food and food away from home. The cost escalation of food makes it hard to cut your grocery bills, but it is possible to save on groceries. Start by creating a meal plan. Keep a stock of goods for a week or two to avoid impulse and last-minute buys. Buying in bulk is more practical than buying items in smaller quantity.

  1. Learn to do things yourself

DIY comes with hidden benefits.  Imagine how much money you would save by learning to do your own redecorating and painting than hiring someone else to do it. Or how you can save money on food when you cook at home instead of dining out.

There are several reasons why saving money is important. Aside from having financial security, everyone needs to save because of emergency, retirement, and the costs of education. You can also avoid getting into debt when you have enough funds on rainy days.

Job Vacancies In Ipoh: A Career Of Longevity Begins Here

Job Vacancies In Ipoh: A Career Of Longevity Begins Here

Ipoh is the third largest city in Malaysia, and the economy has been steadily growing. Ipoh has been a prime vacation spot for local Malaysians and tourists alike as they explore historical sites, natural wonders, and cozy neighborhoods.

What is not so well-known is the booming economy and industries in the capital of Perak. With the growing number of people migrating to Ipoh, more and more jobs are created. Still, a lot of Malaysians are unsure in which industries they can find job vacancies in Ipoh. Check out these five growing industries to begin your flourishing and long career in Ipoh.



Ipoh is widely known for its chemical, metal, and product manufacturing industry. With a lot of lands available for warehouses and factories, Ipoh is home to conglomerates manufacturing everything from soaps, micro conductors and so much more. You can begin your career as a management trainee or in the engineering and IT departments.



Construction jobs never run out in Ipoh. As the city is booming, so is the construction of new hotels, restaurants, roads and buildings to meet the growing demand of new people coming in. Your career in construction can begin in the technical route or the managerial route as a management trainee or supervisor.



Ipoh is flushed with historical and tourist sites that rendered the city one of the most photographable in Malaysia. With the influx of tourists, hotels, resorts, and tour agencies are popping up left and right. There’s a selection of positions available for a career in marketing and sales for hotels or as a city expert for tour agencies.



Ipoh may not seem like the most technologically advanced city, but it is one modernizing at a quick rate. IT solutions providers understand the need for companies across a range of industries that are in need of IT solutions and more and more IT companies are opening in Ipoh. Your career can begin not just in a technical role but also as an account or project manager.



As more and more people move to Ipoh and business setting up, banks have begun opening up branches all over Ipoh for these new clients. Banks like OCPB and Ambank Mecham have several locations already and need new hires for client-facing roles.


If you have plans to begin a long and fruitful career in Ipoh, you can start your search in one of these five industries. These five industries are just starting to grow and will get even bigger in the years to come.

Furniture Shop Malaysia: Elegantly Designed Teak

Furniture Shop Malaysia: Elegantly Designed Teak

Teak is a naturally resistant wood that is perfect for making any furniture. This type of wood is extremely rare and quite expensive, but the ratio between benefits and cost are definitely high. Teak can endure all kinds of weather, which makes it ideal for garden decoration. If you wish to have this sort of decoration in your outdoor area, the offer the best teak wood as well.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Teak Wood Furniture for Your Garden?

If you are shopping for outdoor furniture, you are probably thinking more about its longevity than design. Here are some benefits that you can derive from using teak wood as centerpieces in your garden:

  1. Longevity.

As mentioned earlier, teak wood can stand any kind of weather changes in a tropical country like Malaysia. You can place it outdoors without worrying about deterioration. This type of wood can sustain its beauty for a very long time without showing any signs of ruin. Many people choose teak wood over bamboo or any other kind of wood simply because of its strength and resilience.


  1. Flexibility.

Teak wood can be blended well into any part of the garden or outdoor area. Its natural color is already beautiful enough so no need to redecorate it. The uses for this kind of wood are also limitless. You can use it as a bar table, bar chairs, and steamers. Moreover, it can also be used to beautify other places in the area such as the poolside, use it as tree bench and much more.


Relaxation can now become luxurious especially if teak wood furniture is around. Think about it: your grandchildren can use the furniture that you are using today. Its quality will remain the same from the moment you purchased it and in 20 years and more. If you are thinking of getting furniture and you don’t want to spend another dime for replacement in the near future, teak wood is the best material to use.


The use of computerized systems is becoming predominant among food manufacturers. Customers stand to benefit with the continuous upgrades in production facilities, equipment, and food manufacturing processes. Modern technology helps these companies produce safe, high-quality food products in less time at reduced cost.

The electric aspect is an all-important factor in the smooth operations of the equipment used in food manufacturing plants. Electrical measuring instruments are devices frequently used to keep the electrical system in check to avoid disruption of operations and prevent production delays.



Early detection of electrical system failure or incorrect installation of equipment is the main function of these measuring devices. Here is the list of the specific types and the purpose for which they are used.


  1. Ammeter

This electrical instrument is used to measure electric current in a circuit. The device is available for commercial and residential use. In a food manufacturing plant, ammeters are utilized to check the wiring systems of the facility as well as the operating equipment. By using the ammeters, electricians can measure direct current (DC), alternating current (AC) or both. There is less worry of a short circuit if the electrical system is properly working.


  1. Voltmeter

Voltmeters are electrical devices used to measure the voltage or possible difference between two points in an electric circuit. Manufacturing firms make use either of digital and analog voltmeters. In both ways, voltage is measured accurately although the digital display recognizes the readings for digital and pointer moving across the scale for analog. Voltmeters can measure current and resistance during electrical testing and electronics works.


  1. Ohmmeter

Ohmmeters measure the electrical resistance passing through a circuit. They are suitable for installations that require correct resistance to function properly. The device also check the flow of current to make sure that it is running continuously. Readings are precise and accurate.


  1. Multimeters

Multimeters are the popular type because of the versatility. It functions and works like an ammeter, ohmmeter and voltmeter for it can measure current, voltage as well as resistance. This device comes in analog and digital versions.

Whether you measure amps, volts or ohms, all these electrical measuring instruments serve to keep the electrical systems of the modern food manufacturing plants working and running efficiently. Safety comes first.