Travel light is the standard advice when going on an international trip. But has anybody counseled you to travel safely? The advice is sound and meaningful. However, for many Malaysian travelers, the feeling of excitement rules over any other emotion when planning for trips abroad. With increasing travel opportunities, the prosperous young professionals in the country see travel as a liberating experience.

Given this mindset, it would be advantageous to the affluent traveler to prioritize travel insurance. This product has become an all-important extension of wealth management. The objective of travel insurance is to mitigate financial risks when traveling. Like other insurance products, it offers total protection. An insured traveler is shielded from any unforeseen accidents, sickness and even missed flights.

With the ease of booking flights and hotel accommodations online, the traveler can also secure a before departure. You can consult wealth managers who can customize your travel insurance needs and secure your coverage from reputable insurance companies.

Travel insurance should not be regarded as an unnecessary expense. Seasoned travelers know the importance of insurance. You can’t leave without it. Better be safe than sorry. Read on and be enlightened why buying travel insurance is like buying a ticket for a dependable travel mate.



  1. Trip Protection

Travel insurance is your protection when you go on a journey abroad. The standard policy is dedicated to unforeseen misfortunes during your travel namely: emergency medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, loss of checked or baggage delay, accidental death & dismemberment, and repatriation of remains.


  1. Expanded Coverage

The extended travel insurance is the trip cancellation insurance package which is inclusive of all coverages under the standard policy with the addition of the following: trip cancellation and trip interruption.

It would be best to purchase the plan at least 14 days before your trip. If your coverage includes travel cancellation, your travel and accommodation expenses can be reimbursed in case of an aborted or canceled trip due to unforeseen emergencies.


  1. Customized Travel Protection

You can now personalize your protection for specific travel purposes. If you are traveling for a sporting or gaming adventure like diving, horseback riding, skiing or cycling to name a few, you can purchase the sports upgrade option. In case it’s a group traveling, take on a group insurance package.


Whether your trip is for a holiday celebration, adventure or relaxation, travel insurance is a must-have. Travel light and travel safe are inseparable send-offs to the excited tourist. Be on your way to a worry-free journey.