Is your coworker relationship getting stale as a leftover bread? Do you have lunch with your teammates at the same restaurant day after day? Does the conversation always drift back to the time when you spilled ketchup on your shirt and it’s not even funny anymore?

It’s time to change tactics. Here are 5 fun, quirky ways to take your bond with your coworkers to the next level:1

  1. Book for Zumba classes. What better way to have fun and go crazy than to take Zumba classes together? Physical activities are wicked stress busters, and seeing your often uptight and distressed office mates dance their worries away is a fun experience itself. Several gyms in Malaysia offer Zumba classes for any group size, so it’s not that hard to look for venues for this fun activity.2
  2. Take creative workshops together. In this age of empowered artists and creatives, you can never run out of recreational workshops. You can take classes in calligraphy, cooking, and even coffee making! The list goes on. Learning something fun and useful is a great way to get to know your coworkers.3
  3. Go on field trips. Going to museums, antique shops, historical sites, gardens, and other interesting places is an exciting way to take your minds off work and enjoy life a little more. To add a little more fun, you can have potluck lunch or even dinner. This can save you money and learn a little more about your coworkers’ taste on food. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.Multi-ethnic businesspeople sharing a car
  4. Carpool. If you live close with one or more of your coworkers, carpooling is a great and pocket-friendly way to bond. You can take turns on who to drive and who will bring coffee. It will also expose you to your coworkers’ music taste. We all know how a playlist reveals a person’s personality, right?orgnow logo F2
  5. Organize a charitable event. Lastly, you can find a common advocacy that you all care about and organize a fun run, concert, walkathon, or other fundraising activities. Doing good things together will surely increase the sense of camaraderie with one another, and working on a common goal outside work can even enhance your working dynamics.

Get creative in thinking of ways to develop a deeper bond with your coworkers. After all, it’s not such a bad idea to be BFFs with people with whom you spend more than a third of your day. Do these five activities and get closer with your coworkers in no time.