An influx of digital multimeters (DMM) are widely available in the Malaysian market and online for testing voltages, currents, capacitances, resistances, and other parameters. Because of the way these devices have flooded the market, it has become difficult to determine which multimeter is suitable for users. Thus, it’s crucial for every buyer to take some measures and determine if the DMM they’re about to buy is high quality.

Below are 5 important factors every buyer should consider for them to buy the best digital multimeter in the market.1

  1. Safety Measures When Using a Multimeter Because the device has a series of electrical equipment fixed in it, its safety features should be substantiated. The testing equipment should be given top priority, particularly when its circuit can relay more than 30V and high frequencies of current. Therefore, the use of banana plugs and internal blast shields should be highly considered on such occasions to prevent potential damage from massive shock. The DMM should also have wide flanges to help users slide their fingers seamlessly along the insulation area. The flanges also protect people from exposing themselves to fatal electric current hazards.2
  2. Top Features to Look for in a Multimeter Some of the features found in many multimeter devices are mandatory while others are optional. All digital multimeters have an LCD screen and backlight features for use in the dark. The most basic DMM usually have basic functionalities, such as the readings of I, V and R. The highly advanced ones contain enhanced features such as capacitance, frequency calculation, and duty cycle. Others can articulate temperature readings in either Celcius or Fahrenheit scales.3
  3. Brand of the Multimeter Many times, the quality of a product is highly determined by the reputation of its brand. Buyers should buy a DMM device whose brand has a striking reputation for creating authentic and high-quality products that people love. That’s why some search for a best-selling brand around their areas. At least this way, people would be sure they’re buying a long-lasting and authentic product that’s value for their money.4
  4. Digital Multimeter Accuracy Users should ensure the DMM they’re about to buy is accurate at all times. The accuracy of a multimeter is the maximum permissible error limit observed in the readings. Before buying, users should have their DMM tested first to ensure its readings are accurate beyond any doubt.5
  5. Multimeter Pricing The price at which a product is being sold tells much about the merchandise. The price of a multimeter should be reasonable and realistic depending on its brand, features, and quality of the device. Users should compare prices first with other sellers to truly determine the actual price of the DMM they want to buy.

With the high demand of digital multimeters in the market, it has become very challenging and tricky to purchase a quality DMM. The market seems to have been flooded with dubious and fake products, which many people grab only to be disappointed in the end. Before buying a digital multimeter in Malaysia, users should ensure the device they’re about to buy is authentic and high quality. They should also ensure the device is working properly, it comes from a reputable brand, and has impeccable features. More importantly, the 5 top factors shared in this guide should help every potential buyer at least purchase a quality DMM every time they’re shopping.