3 Reasons Why Parents Prefer Choosing International Schools in Malaysia

3 Reasons Why Parents Prefer Choosing International Schools in Malaysia

Education is the foundation of any individual’s future. The quality of education that a person gets during their formative years will ultimately determine how equipped they will be later on to face the challenges of independent life and work. It’s any parent’s goal to make sure their kids get the best education they can afford, and that’s why international schools have become such a popular choice for many parents. In Malaysia, public and private schools have begun to take a backseat to their international counterparts because parents see them as much better options when it comes to their kids’ education and learning. If you’re wondering why you should send your kid to an international school in Malaysia, these three reasons should tell you.

  1. English as the Main Language – While English is spoken and understood by some in the country, it’s still not quite as widespread. For that reason, Malaysian nationals often find themselves struggling when they go abroad in search of employment, or in the hope of furthering their education. One of the main reasons why parents choose international schools in Malaysia is because of the fact that they use English as their main language during classes. This helps make students more capable of speaking and understanding the language to allow them to settle comfortably into global colleges and work opportunities.study-in-malaysia-international-school-can-improve-your-english
  2. Different Cultures – Many expatriates that work in Malaysia send their kids to international schools because of the fact that it reduces the risk of culture shock for their children. This is because international schools in Malaysia are known to have a diverse student population, allowing kids from other countries to find students that they can mingle and socialize with sans the culture and language barrier. For Malaysian kids however, this can also prove to be a worthy benefit. Having different cultures around them will allow Malaysian students to get a better understanding of what other people around the globe are like, giving them a more worldly idea of the population.international-school-malaysia-gives-your-kids-experience-different-cultures
  3. Curriculum Follows International Standards – Finally, the biggest reason why parents choose to send their kids to international schools is because the curriculum follows international standards. While public and private schools do offer effective teaching styles and curricula, international schools in Malaysia adopt the patterns of the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. This basically means students are better equipped to compete alongside other students around the world. This is ideal for parents who plan to send their kids to schools abroad once they’ve graduated from international school.curriculum-follows-international-standards-in-international-school-malaysia

When choosing the right school for your kid, there really is no settling for second best. Be sure to give your child the best future by providing them the right education today. Find out more about international schools available to you, and learn more about where you can send your child to get the best education.

Profitable Professions – 6 Highest Paying Jobs Perfect for Marketing Graduates

Profitable Professions – 6 Highest Paying Jobs Perfect for Marketing Graduates

Marketing is the practice of promoting, advertising, and increasing brand awareness among consumers to improve sales, and to ultimately increase profitable consumer action. This is an important practice heavily emphasized by businesses today, especially because marketing trends have changed in the past years. Back in the day, brands relied on consumer-directed searches in order to be found. But now, companies are the ones burdened with the need to look for prospects in the market. With different businesses and brands all battling for the same audience, employers now invest in their hires, choosing only the best for the marketing roles in their enterprise. Wondering which marketing careers pay the most these days? Read on to learn more.


  1. Chief Marketing Officer – Responsible for overseeing all other marketing related functions in a company, the chief marketing officer (or simply CMO) is the highest ranking marketing official in any enterprise. This professional basically approves any marketing projects and strategies, as well as reports to the chief executive officer to provide information on the current marketing performance of the company. Base annual salary: 352,708 – 1,102,212 Malaysian Ringgit.
  2. Demand Generation Director – The DMD is responsible for overseeing efforts to find prospects in the market and establishing lasting, positive, profitable relationships with them for sales and brand reputation. Some of the important skills required are lead generation, strategic marketing, and online marketing, to name a few. Base annual salary: 350,200 – 686,598 Malaysian Ringgit.コミュニケーションイメージ
  3. Content Marketing Director – The content marketing director is the officer that manages and approves content marketing strategies and practices.His objective is to increase the value of products and services to the company’s target audience. With these efforts, prospects and consumers see greater importance and need in different wares offered by the business, which ultimately leads to profitable consumer action. Base annual salary: 242,286 – 659,283 Malaysian Ringgit.
  4. Product Marketing Manager – Aside from marketing the brand, companies also focus on marketing their products especially if there are competitors that offer similar goods and services. The product marketing manager is responsible for ensuring that a company’s products are set apart from the rest, by understanding competition and pinpointing gaps in the market that the company’s products can help fill in. Base annual salary: 233,669 – 533,470 Malaysian Ringgit.
  5. Public Relations Officer – The PR officer handles relationships between key players in the industry in order to establish healthy partnerships. There are many companies that advertise their public relations vacancies online, but it’s also a smart move for applicants to look for opportunities face to face, in order to get a better chance to highlight their interpersonal skills. Base annual salary: 220,745 – 435,678 Malaysian Ringgit.every-big-companies-must-have-their-public-relations-officer
  6. Creative Director – There are certain brands in the market that don’teven need a name to go with their logo, and people recognize them instantly anyway. This effective branding is accomplished by creative directors who develop the unique identity that makes companies more recognizable to the general public. Often, aside from a marketing degree, it’s important that creative directors have a background in graphic design to help improve chances of landing a high paying position. Base annual salary: 193,989 – 670,145 Malaysian Ringgit.

Skilled, smart, and strategic marketing professionals are hot commodities these days for lots of companies, and that’s why employment trends have shifted. Build a profitable career for yourself in the realm of marketing by striving to achieve one of these high paying marketing jobs.

How An ITIL Certification Can Help You Grow Your Career

ITIL stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library. It is a set of best practices in the constantly changing world of information technology (IT). In recent years, it has become an advantage for people who are involved not only in IT services but also in security and management. For IT professionals who plan to , here are some of its benefits that can help you grow your career.

ITIL Certification Benefits

  1. Better Salary Packages

IT is a technical field and many roles require a set of certifications. These certifications help you in getting not only a higher pay or better salary packages, but also in securing promotions. According to Payscale.com, an ITIL-certified program manager can earn between $63,275 and $122,554       .

  1. Improved Skills

Image result for Improved SkillsThis particular certification helps IT professionals add more value to their work, and produce better results easier and faster through the utilization of best practices. As a result, they become great assets to an organization and even more valuable in a highly competitive market.

  1. Advanced Roles

Image result for Advanced RolesAn ITIL certification gives an IT professional that much sought-after competitive edge. Apart from opening up opportunities for in-house promotions, it also provides bigger job prospects in both local and international companies. If you are planning to apply for overseas positions, an ITIL certification also make it easier for you to prove your expertise.

Be Part Of This Growing Demand

In the U.S. alone, almost 60 percent of 100 chief information officers (CIOs) surveyed said they have adopted the ITIL framework in their own organizations. There is a growing demand for ITIL-certified professionals around the world as more and more organizations adopt this framework. In the fast-changing world of IT, an ITIL certification can take your career to greater heights. Give yourself that competitive edge today.

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5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired

5 Ways To Improve Your Chances Of Getting Hired

Looking for a job in Kuala Lumpur can be a difficult struggle especially if you are not aware of the ways on how you can stay ahead of the other applicants. The competition for job openings is often very tough that employers usually look beyond qualifications and experience in deciding who to hire. To make a better impression in front of potential employers, you should take note and apply the following tips:


1) Create a resume or portfolio of your work that can be accessed online.

It’s very important that you do this especially if you are targeting a career in any of the creative industries: advertising, marketing, design, architecture, information technology, and computer engineering. Employers will always ask to see samples of your work. Even if you are not in any of these creative industries, it’s still advisable that you create an online resume. This will give you an advantage over those who don’t have one.


2) Clean up your social accounts and profiles.

Companies these days are getting smarter in sifting through those who want to work for them. Many HR departments today go the extra mile of checking the social media profiles of applicants. That said, if you have a Facebook profile filled with nothing but pictures of you drinking booze or partying, this doesn’t bode well in the eyes of an employer. In short, make sure that the things you post online don’t paint you or your personality in a bad light.


3) Go to an interview prepared.

It’s during an interview that you get the initial chance to impress your potential employer. A very common mistake among applicants is that they enter the interview room without researching about the company and its products/services. So what you need to do is learn everything you can about the company before you go to an interview. Browse their website, look at their history, check out a list of their products and services, or even talk to one of their employees.


4) Reach out to potential employers.

Sometimes, you have to be bold and direct if you really want to land a job in a certain company. Even if the company isn’t publicly posting ads for those looking for a vacancy in KL, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they have no job openings. In fact, many companies rely on word-of-mouth to find new workers. Reaching out to these companies means calling or messaging them directly. This job-hunting technique is referred to as cold calling. Basically, what you need to do is prepare a pitch/script, call the company, inquire about openings, and then sell yourself.


5) Follow up on your job interviews.

If you don’t get a call or an email in the days after an interview, don’t give up just yet. In following up with the hiring manager, you are showing your determination and interest in getting the job. Always remember that hiring managers are often inundated with dozens of applicants so there’s a chance that your interview may have been overlooked. When you call them to follow up on a previous interview, do it in a professional way. Ask them if they have considered your application and if there’s something you can do to make yourself a better fit to the kind of employee they’re looking for.

Companies take into account a lot of factors in deciding who to bring into their workforce. Educational background and experience are very important but a lot of companies go beyond these factors. They also look into applicants who are creative in presenting their resumes, applicants who are careful in the things they post online, applicants who are well-prepared when they go to interviews, applicants who have the confidence to directly call potential employers about openings, and applicants who have the determination to follow up on finished interviews. If you are a job-hunter who espouses these attributes, then you are off to a good start.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose An International Boarding School

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose An International Boarding School

Image result for An International Boarding SchoolInternational boarding schools are considered to be one of the best investments for your children’s education, but they can be very expensive. So why choose an international boarding school, when you can send your kids to a day school? These are the top 10 reasons:

  1. Safety and limited access

International boarding schools have 24-hour security with limited access for outsiders, so no one can easily come and go as they please. This ensures the safety of your children.

  1. Higher chances to enter prestigious universities Because most international schools offer diverse academic programs, your children stand better chance to enter world-class universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, or Imperial College.
  2. Advanced teaching methods

International schools use the latest teaching methods, theories and principles that no day school would normally offer.

  1. Cultural diversity

Image result for Cultural diversityYour children will be exposed to different cultures of the world at a young age, which will make their working life a lot better in the future. This also allows them to practice being multilingual.

  1. Multilingualism

International schools require their students to learn various languages. Apart from the mother tongue, your children will probably learn English, Chinese, French, Germany, Spanish, or any other languages of their choice. This gives your children an advantage once they enter the working world.

  1. International study options

Image result for International study optionsStudy options available include International Baccalaureate, the British A-Level program, American High School System, Swiss Maturite, French Baccalaureate, or German Arbitur. Your kids could choose which study option they would like to take based on the country where they wish to further their studies.

  1. Great sports programs and facilities

There will be plenty of amazing sports programs with facilities at international boarding schools. Your children will spend their time in a positive manner as they play sports of their choice, rather than wasting their time getting involved in activities that bring no reward, like watching TV or playing video games.

  1. Great arts programs and facilities

Your kids will be cultured by learning about arts and taking advantage of the facilities.

  1. Well stocked libraries and media centers

Image result for Well stocked libraries and media centers

The libraries and media centers are well stocked with great collection of books and other learning materials.

  1. Small classes

Your kids will get undivided attention from their teachers, making their learning experience better.

It’s always important to invest in your children’s education. Not only could a good education ensure the security of their future, it would also give your children the advantage of being a cultured, well-rounded individual who could benefit the society.