The Frugal Gamer’s Guide to Getting Affordable Top-Up Cards

The Frugal Gamer’s Guide to Getting Affordable Top-Up Cards


Although majority of online games today are free to play, hardcore gamers are spending dollars to either stay ahead of their competition or simply to adorn their characters with rare gear so they can proudly parade them in fantasy streets and realms. Either way, there is no denying the fact that top-up card sales are on the rise as eGames are becoming the modern form of entertainment of today’s generation.
Top Up Online 

Obviously, you’ll need a top-up card, which can either be bought physically or digitally. The latter tends to be more convenient since you don’t have to march into your local Duane Reade, Game Stop, or Best Buy to buy one. Online sites like Sea Gamer Mall carry a wide selection of cards for games like Cabal 2 and Dragon Nest. While not necessarily cheaper, game cards bought online save you both time and gas money.
Do Some Surveys 

If you have pockets of time in between your work or study days, completing survey forms is a viable way to get online gaming cards. Albeit not as efficient as just buying one through your last birthday’s gift cash or getting a part-time job, it does come as a cheap and easy way to earn in-game credit. Surveys can be completed in as short as five minutes to as long as 30 minutes, the longer ones reward more points for the time and effort spent completing them.
Double Check Your In-Game Credit Needs 

It can be a costly mistake to  that turns out to not be the game credit you need. Sure you can always return them and get a refund for your money, but some sites may not make it so easy on you to do so. Save yourself from the hassles of requesting a refund by double-checking the specific top-up card for your game. Dragon Nest, for instance, is compatible only with Karma Koins or Cherry Credits.
Buy in Larger Quantities 

When ordering a myCard top up code or any other type of game card out there, you will first have to enter the card value and the quantity of cards you wish to buy. The higher valued cards will usually have more in-game credits than when you buy two separate smaller valued cards. It makes sense to just save up for the higher valued cards, especially for hardcore gamers who are looking to play extensively.

Time Your Purchase 

Timing is everything when you want to save money. Many gaming cards like Rixty codes will come on sale during standard holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as during special events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Timing your purchase during these days can save you as much as 20 percent off. It’s also a good time to top up your game account since many in-game stores offer discounted rates on rare gear and items during holidays.

Enrich your gaming experience by topping up with affordable in-game credit. With these tips, you’ll be able to buy more utility items and keep grinding challenging dungeons or wrap your character in VIP sets and costumes.