Can plastic food containers be poisonous to our food? Many people ask this question every time they’re about to take away foods packed in plastic containers. Even though the risk is quite low, there’s growing evidence that food can risk contamination from harmful chemicals from various plastics. Some of the foods mostly packed in these risky plastics include gourmet, cheese, fresh meat and other different kinds of foods. Below are some of the various ways in which food stored in plastic containers can pose certain health risks to humans.







  1. Chemicals


All plastic is devised from chemicals that can otherwise harm a person’s health. DEHA and BPA are the primary chemicals used in the making of most plastic food containers. Research shows when food is stored in such bags, these chemicals can easily leach into the food and hence become ingested in the body. Over time these chemicals have been found to cause tissue changes, miscarriage, chromosomal errors, genetic and hormonal changes, congenital disabilities and more. Among children, chemical leaching can potentially alter their developing immune system, which can likely result in behavioral pattern problems and disrupted hormones.







  1. Pests


Different studies show that food should be stored in airtight containers to stop pests, rodents, and bugs from getting inside. Don’t use plastic grocery bags to store foods because they’re not airtight and can, therefore, end up being attacked by pests. Use glass jars instead, as this will ensure no disturbing bugs and harmful chemicals get inside when storing food.







  1. Bacteria


When food isn’t stored properly, it can more likely grow harmful bacteria in it that can endanger your health. Food experts recommend food to be stored in airtight containers in refrigerators all the time to prevent breed of bacteria. Food that’s not wrapped well can become infected with bacteria from other foods nearby which have already spoiled. Make sure you always check any signs of plastic breakage when storing foods to ensure no potential leaks are within to minimize the spread of bacteria.



In summary, above are different ways in which foods packed in plastic containers or bags affect human health. Proper food storage habits are essential to keeping food safe for human consumption. Food that’s improperly stored carries the potential risk of making you sick, particularly those foods packed in plastic containers nowadays. Certain plastic containers have harmful chemicals, which contaminate food and end up making a person ill.

Avoid buying foods wrapped with 3 (PVC) and symbol seven labels, as such plastics have harmful chemicals like Bisphenol A and Phthalates that may cause complications to health. Both of these chemicals attack animal and human hormones, causing one to become sick in the end. Instead, stick to safe plastic food containers labeled “BPA-free” all the time to maximize the safety of your health.