You may have come across the quote–“Man without a beard is like a lion without a mane.” This simply means that a lion without a mane has lost its purpose, just like a man unable to grow a beard. It’s because of reasons like this that most people are considering taking the surgical route to spruce up their facial hair beauty. In fact, many men are getting rid of their baby face look, because growing a glorious beard is sometimes seen as a sign of masculinity. The procedure has also gradually become a global craze.  Below is a summary of the top essentials of a beard transplant surgery.








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Low Maintenance

The new artificial beard you get after surgery is usually very manageable. It looks like a naturally-grown beard, although this time you’re not required to use any special product to maintain its volume. A beard transplant is also a onetime process. This simple fact relieves you from frequently visiting the doctor, contrary to many procedures that require you to go back several times to maintain it.








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Cost Effective

You might be thinking, “How is a beard transplant surgery cost effective?” First, costs of other treatments may appear small, but they never end. Second, you pay for your beard transplant costs only once, which make it more budget friendly than in most procedures. And to top it all, your transplanted beard lasts a lifetime, which makes the cost worthwhile. If you want a great and permanent solution for your beard-growing problems, consider beard transplantation.









Natural Process

Some people are skeptical about hair implants because they think of it as a hazardous and an unsafe procedure. According to skin experts, hair transplants are quite safe and natural. A patient isn’t exposed to major wounds, and they experience no pain at all. This means the moment you wish to have an artificial beard, you’re sure no special substances will be used to harm your skin. In fact, the end results are terrific that many people won’t be able to tell whether you had a beard transplant or not.









Stop Balding

After your new beard is fixed, your worry of ever experiencing any hair related issues will be long gone. The results acquired from a beard transplant surgery are highly effective, and you’re unlikely to see balding again. Also, your confidence around people will get a boost, because you’ll be bringing  your new, attractive, and youthful look. Which is a legitimate reason to get beard transplant surgery now.



Above are some of the top essentials  when getting a beard transplantation. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is among the fastest growing cosmetic treatments for those who want to regain a full, thick beard transplant. The process involves carefully fixing together of follicular units to a full layer of artificial beard. In this treatment, you don’t have to worry about getting ugly scars, and you should expect fast recovery than in most treatments.



If you reside, or are thinking of undergoing a beard transplant in Malaysia, there are highly competent and authorized

FUE surgeons to get your beard transplant ready. One of them is Dr Chen Tai Ho. For a safe and effective surgery for a glorious beard, simply contact Dr Chen Tai Ho today!