If your home has a patio, then you’ve got yourself a real gem. These home spaces are uncommon, but offer endless opportunities for the home body that loves spending time in a cool, relaxing, and laid back environment. Unfortunately, decorating a patio can be very confusing – especially if you struggle bringing interior design ideas to life. Should you tackle it like an indoor decorating job, or as an outdoor space? If you’re trying to decorate your patio on a budget, be sure to bring these three tips with you to get the most of your efforts.







  1. Choose Material Wisely

One of the things that you should really consider when decorating a patio is the material of the furniture you choose. Because patios are generally more exposed to the outdoor elements, your furniture and decor need to be able to withstand humidity and direct sunlight without taking on any damage. If you want to get the right furniture for your patio, . Commonly, pieces made from teak are affordable and durable, able to take on wear and tear much better than other kinds of wood you’re likely to find.







  1. Avoid Padded Furniture

A patio is considered a problem area for a lot of home decorators because they don’t know what kind of decor to use for it. This is mostly because it plays around the border of interior and exterior, leaving homeowners flustered as to how they should pattern the look. As a general rule, any thickly cushioned furniture might not be the best for your patio as it can get stained and damaged, especially if it’s humid where you live. To save yourself from the trouble of having to clean up and maintain cushioned pieces, avoid putting them in your patio.







  1. Let Light In

Light is one of the best assets of any patio, and if you leverage natural light well enough, you might just be able to create a dream space for get-togethers or for lounging about. Unless you’re particularly sensitive to bright light, avoid draping around your patio like the plague. Natural sunlight can bring a breezy, airy, and open feel to your patio, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable environment minus the stuffy feeling of enclosed spaces. If you really need some shade in your patio, consider using an outdoor canopy instead to prevent blocking the view with blinds or curtains.



Decorating your patio doesn’t have to be that complicated – just take these tips with you when you start weaving those design ideas to make the most of your space!