From Simple Plastic to Fantastic : 4 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Corrugated Plastic

From Simple Plastic to Fantastic : 4 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Corrugated Plastic

From Simple Plastic to Fantastic 4 Creative and Fun Ways to Use Corrugated Plastic


Nowadays, more and more people are investing into the use of corrugated plastic. But what exactly are they? There are two types of corrugated plastics depending on their structure. The first type is popularly known as ‘twinwall plastic’ and is composed of two layers of plastic with a ribbed sheet center. The second type, enforced with fiber glass, is made to appear waved in form, much like regular roofing materials. With a wide array of possible uses, whether it is for that tall new building or that project you’re working on inside your garage, it is not surprising that more and more people are using it. Here are four alternative ways of using it for your own DIY projects!







As corrugated plastics are strong materials capable of withstanding a huge amount of weight

Transfer Boxes


As corrugated plastics are strong materials capable of withstanding a huge amount of weight, coupled with its amazing flexibility, it is an ideal item to have for transferring your stuff from here to there. It’s easy to cut, staple, and shaped to your own taste too, so rest assured that your stuff will be safe from damage and dents.







As it is versatile enough to withstand various chemicals and temperatures

Small Garden Roofing


As it is versatile enough to withstand various chemicals and temperatures, it can also be used as roofing to your blooming garden. By using semi – translucent sheets of this plastic, you are able to give your plants the natural skylight. And don’t worry about it getting heated up by the sun, as it can also be UV resistant. Cleaning won’t be a problem either, since it is very easy to do so, and your standard garden hose can help you with that effectively!








they can handle more than just flowers

Flower Pots


Don’t get the wrong idea; they can handle more than just flowers. Landscape artists and gardeners alike have been using it as homes for various plants too, whether temporary or permanently. Their insulation and resistance to temperature makes them ideal for such uses.





SPAD Models for Hobbyists


Due to its durability and light weight, makers began to use them in place of balsa wood for its cheaper price and high resilience. Mostly used by beginners, the use of corrugated plastic in this field has evolved as developers are now using it for their advanced models.

Corrugated plastic is indeed very usable in various ways. It comes in different colors and works with coating upgrades, such as UV protection and anti- scratch, so don’t hesitate to try and explore more of its uses!


4 Important Home Design Elements You Must Not Ignore

4 Important Home Design Elements You Must Not Ignore



In many cases, homeowners would be relying on nothing more than gut-feel when designing a home with fittings, furniture, and decor. They also tend to skim through sources of design ideas. But chances are, you are overlooking the most important and fundamental design elements required to create a masterpiece of a home.

Check out these 4 important home design elements that you must never ignore:







  1. Space

Space is the most fundamental element of interior design. The key takeaway here is to remember that there are two types of Spaces. The first is Positive Space which is filled with furniture and decor. The other is empty space which is also called Negative Space. The ideal is to achieve a 50/50 balance between these spaces.







  1. Colors

There are more to colors than you would normally think. Color psychology is a great interior design topic to educate yourself on. That’s because color sets the overall mood that people would experience when they step into your house. A great way to start with colors is to experiment warm colors with cool colors. For example, orange is a welcoming color but still is a hot color. Mix it with cool colors such as blue and you’ll achieve a nice aesthetic balance to please the eyes.





new home, real estate, moving and furniture concept - close up of male lifting up sofa or couch

  1. Texture

Texture is quite an advanced topic to master. But it’s vital for adding depth and character to your home. Textures are divided into two types. A texture that can only be seen is called visual texture while texture that can be seen and felt is called actual texture. A rule of thumb when it comes to textures is to balance out dominant textures with a contrasting one. For example, having a visual texture such as a wallpaper should be complemented with actual textures such as bed linen of the same color.







  1. Light

Lastly, you should also gain a basic understanding of lighting. Without light, all 3 of the above elements are redundant. Lighting is typically categorized into 3 types – Accent lighting, Task lighting, and Ambient lighting. Accent lights are used to highlight showcases. Task lights, as its name suggests, are used for a specific task such as a table lamp. Ambient light typically sets the mood for the whole house. Hence, knowing what kind of lighting to use in the house is very important.



So before heading out to , it’s great to educate yourself on these 4 elements of interior designing. This way, you can create a comfortable and an aesthetic home for you and your family.

3 Easy Tips to Help Decorate Your Patio

3 Easy Tips to Help Decorate Your Patio



If your home has a patio, then you’ve got yourself a real gem. These home spaces are uncommon, but offer endless opportunities for the home body that loves spending time in a cool, relaxing, and laid back environment. Unfortunately, decorating a patio can be very confusing – especially if you struggle bringing interior design ideas to life. Should you tackle it like an indoor decorating job, or as an outdoor space? If you’re trying to decorate your patio on a budget, be sure to bring these three tips with you to get the most of your efforts.







  1. Choose Material Wisely

One of the things that you should really consider when decorating a patio is the material of the furniture you choose. Because patios are generally more exposed to the outdoor elements, your furniture and decor need to be able to withstand humidity and direct sunlight without taking on any damage. If you want to get the right furniture for your patio, . Commonly, pieces made from teak are affordable and durable, able to take on wear and tear much better than other kinds of wood you’re likely to find.







  1. Avoid Padded Furniture

A patio is considered a problem area for a lot of home decorators because they don’t know what kind of decor to use for it. This is mostly because it plays around the border of interior and exterior, leaving homeowners flustered as to how they should pattern the look. As a general rule, any thickly cushioned furniture might not be the best for your patio as it can get stained and damaged, especially if it’s humid where you live. To save yourself from the trouble of having to clean up and maintain cushioned pieces, avoid putting them in your patio.







  1. Let Light In

Light is one of the best assets of any patio, and if you leverage natural light well enough, you might just be able to create a dream space for get-togethers or for lounging about. Unless you’re particularly sensitive to bright light, avoid draping around your patio like the plague. Natural sunlight can bring a breezy, airy, and open feel to your patio, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable environment minus the stuffy feeling of enclosed spaces. If you really need some shade in your patio, consider using an outdoor canopy instead to prevent blocking the view with blinds or curtains.



Decorating your patio doesn’t have to be that complicated – just take these tips with you when you start weaving those design ideas to make the most of your space!

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Furniture

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Furniture



Whether you’ve just moved into a new place or you feel like you need to spruce up your pad, a trip to the furniture store would do you some good. But ask any homeowner who’s tried to look for furniture in the past and they’re likely to tell you that it wasn’t all that easy. From material, design, to cost, there are so many things to consider about furniture before you can even narrow down your options.


Unfortunately, because of the many different choices available, people end up buying a piece and bringing it home only to realize that it’s not actually the right one for them. Steer clear of a bad buy. Read through these 3 common furniture buying mistakes to avoid a purchase pitfall.







  1. Failing to Take Measurements

Yes, that lovely coffee table and lounge chair set could help create the perfect laid-back ambiance in your place. But are you sure you can fit it comfortably into your studio apartment? People often visit the furniture store without taking the necessary measurements before they leave. Things can look smaller or bigger depending on how they’re placed in a room. While a sofa might seem more compact in the showroom, it could take up more space in your home than you thought. Be sure to measure accurately if you don’t want to make double trips to the store.







  1. Forgetting Your Aesthetic

Unless you’re the prototypical college student who buys furniture more for functionality than for presentation, you’ve probably developed an aesthetic in your home. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching different designs as long as they work together. So, before buying that minimalist, edgy, and modern accent chair, think of how it would fit in with the rest of your shabby chic interior. Don’t be easily swayed by showrooms and displays. These are designed to make you want to buy them. Instead, bring a photograph of your home to guide you towards making a choice that will really suit your interior’s aesthetic. For example, before buying , people should keep in mind their present home interior.







  1. Skipping the Maintenance Instructions

That beautiful beige suede ottoman might look like the perfect piece right now. But give it a few years and it’s going to look like a stained, soiled, and dusty disaster. Different materials require different maintenance procedures. Skipping out on that information might bring you to a whole new level of buyer’s remorse. Ask the sales specialist about care instructions and see if you have what it takes to stick to those guidelines to make your purchase last a little longer.



There’s no excuse for falling into a bad purchase. Any decision you make in the store will be your own anyway. Make a guided choice and get only the best for your home by remembering those three common mistakes.

Where to Find the Best Furniture in Malaysia

Where to Find the Best Furniture in Malaysia

Image result for Best Furniture in MalaysiaMalaysia prides itself on a lot of products and furniture is one of them. There are plenty of high-quality wooden furniture that can be bought in stores, malls, as well as small shops that sell hand-made furniture. The wood is sourced from within Malaysia and are treated, shaped, and carved into ornate designs and styles.


You can being used inside multinational corporations, schools, libraries, tourist spots and much more. They are known for their quality and durability. Only the Best from Malaysia.


Image result for Best Furniture in MalaysiaBut don’t think that only rich people can afford to buy these pieces, even ordinary folk can. Aside from pure wooden ones, there are also plenty of modern and contemporary pieces that can be bought at a more affordable price. Although these pieces use lower quality wood, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the products are inferior.


The heavy, wooden pieces often use hard woods. These can be carved for designs and shaped any way you like it. Most often these not, these come from huge chunks of wood and are whittled down during the creation process. It takes time to make, and the wood is also more difficult to come by. Customers can even request to have pieces customized according to their specifications. At times, companies request extra long conference tables. Other clients wish to have an old design copied to be reminded of childhood times in Penang.

Image result for Best wooden Furniture in Malaysia

The everyday pieces, on the other hand, have wooden frames and are made with smaller pieces of wood. They are not as expensive and the wood is obtained more easily – this is why it costs less. The frames are nonetheless sturdy and the end products are also durable.


If you’re looking to add interesting pieces to your home, you can have smaller dining tables made, or a charming display case of wood and glass. You don’t have to search far and wide to buy high-quality furniture.

To make the search easier and faster, you can browse different catalogues online and order from there. The order process is simple, and you can enjoy the convenience of having the items delivered right to your doorstep. Go ahead, try it!