In many cases, homeowners would be relying on nothing more than gut-feel when designing a home with fittings, furniture, and decor. They also tend to skim through sources of design ideas. But chances are, you are overlooking the most important and fundamental design elements required to create a masterpiece of a home.

Check out these 4 important home design elements that you must never ignore:







  1. Space

Space is the most fundamental element of interior design. The key takeaway here is to remember that there are two types of Spaces. The first is Positive Space which is filled with furniture and decor. The other is empty space which is also called Negative Space. The ideal is to achieve a 50/50 balance between these spaces.







  1. Colors

There are more to colors than you would normally think. Color psychology is a great interior design topic to educate yourself on. That’s because color sets the overall mood that people would experience when they step into your house. A great way to start with colors is to experiment warm colors with cool colors. For example, orange is a welcoming color but still is a hot color. Mix it with cool colors such as blue and you’ll achieve a nice aesthetic balance to please the eyes.





new home, real estate, moving and furniture concept - close up of male lifting up sofa or couch

  1. Texture

Texture is quite an advanced topic to master. But it’s vital for adding depth and character to your home. Textures are divided into two types. A texture that can only be seen is called visual texture while texture that can be seen and felt is called actual texture. A rule of thumb when it comes to textures is to balance out dominant textures with a contrasting one. For example, having a visual texture such as a wallpaper should be complemented with actual textures such as bed linen of the same color.







  1. Light

Lastly, you should also gain a basic understanding of lighting. Without light, all 3 of the above elements are redundant. Lighting is typically categorized into 3 types – Accent lighting, Task lighting, and Ambient lighting. Accent lights are used to highlight showcases. Task lights, as its name suggests, are used for a specific task such as a table lamp. Ambient light typically sets the mood for the whole house. Hence, knowing what kind of lighting to use in the house is very important.



So before heading out to , it’s great to educate yourself on these 4 elements of interior designing. This way, you can create a comfortable and an aesthetic home for you and your family.