6 Simple Tips To Have The Best Romantic Weekend Getaway In KK

6 Simple Tips To Have The Best Romantic Weekend Getaway In KK


Kota Kinabalu or KK is fast becoming one of the world’s exotic destinations for a romantic getaway, especially for Malaysian couples and even tourists. If you want to get the most out of your mini-vacation for you and your partner, follow these 6 simple tips for a romantic weekend getaway in the capital city of Sabah:







  1. Book a limo

Before you arrive in Kota Kinabalu, pre-book a limo that comes complete with a bottle of champagne or other signature drinks and some snacks to be enjoyed during the short journey from the airport to your hotel. A limo rental in KK may cost between RM100 to RM800, depending on limo type and hourly/daily rates.







  1. Spend some intimate time in the Jacuzzi

When you book a hotel, you can make an arrangement with the hotel’s management for some welcoming ceremony. This may include a mini band greeting you upon arrival at the lobby, a gift pack, a bed full of rose petals, and even swan-shaped towels. Book a room with a Jacuzzi to spend some intimate time together and order a room service.







  1. Enjoy a pampering day at the spa

If you’d rather skip the Jacuzzi, you can still enjoy a pampering good time as a couple at the hotel’s spa (or any other local spa). Book a complete couple’s package that includes a massage, sauna, and other beauty treatments like manicure and pedicure.







  1. Visit romantic tourist attractions

Create an itinerary or a list of romantic tourist attractions that you want to visit. Some of the places worth visiting include Manukan Island, Kokol Hill, Poring Hot Springs, Weston Wetland Park, and Signal Hill Observatory Platform. If you have time, take a train ride with the North Borneo Railway. The scenic view during the journey adds to the romantic atmosphere.







  1. Take a walk at the beach and watch the sunsets

In the evening, you can head on down to a beach near your hotel and take a good long walk. Collect seashells, build mini sandcastles, or simply goof around with your partner by taking photos while you both wait for the sun to set.







  1. Have a candlelight dinner

Once the sun has set, it’s time to have dinner. For extra romantic touch, have a candlelight dinner at  and book a violinist or pianist to play as you enjoy your meal.



Planning a romantic weekend getaway should be a fun thing to do. When planning a trip, try to be flexible and leave some room for exploration. Spontaneity can also be a romantic thing!

Top 5 Cafés To Visit In KK If You’re A Cake Lover

Top 5 Cafés To Visit In KK If You’re A Cake Lover


Kota Kinabalu or KK is one of the most popular destinations in east Malaysia. Not only is it known for its beautiful attractions like Mount Kinabalu, the capital city of Sabah is also a favorite among foodies looking for unique and cheap eats (especially the sweets). Check out these top five cafés to visit in Kota Kinabalu if you’re a cake lover:







  1. Bits & Bites

For those who’d like to savor local baked goods, Bits & Bites offers plenty of traditional Malaysian kuih-muih (bite-sized desserts or snacks) as well as classic cakes like sponge cakes and moist chocolate cakes. Must-tries include onde-onde, kuih pelita, and lepat. Find them at Wisma Merdeka Shopping Center.







  1. Omma’s Oven

If you’re a vegan, head on down to this family-friendly bakery/café. They make fresh bread and pastries on a daily basis and cakes in different flavors, in addition to noodles and rice dishes. Must-tries include banana cakes and any of their vegan lunch menu of the day. Find them at Lot 19-0, Lorong Lintas Plaza 3.







  1. Kak Kiah Cake House

Diehard fans of cheesecakes and homemade cakes should pay this family-run café a visit. The quaint cake house offers affordable sliced cakes in 11 different flavors, with the most popular one being their juicy cheesecakes. Try the cheesecakes with the café’s signature banana milk. Find them at Lot 41, Jalan Chan Fook.







  1. Strawberry Cake House

Another café worth visiting if you love cheesecakes, the lovely Strawberry Cake House offers a variety of desserts and cakes with regular deals and promotions. Must-tries include shaved cheese as topping with any sliced cake, paired with the café’s signature drink of the day. Find them at Lot 33, Block E, Damai Plaza III, Jalan Damai.







  1. Café de Vie

One of the only few cafés/bakeries in the city to offer mille crepe cakes on its menu, Café de Vie specializes in fruity-flavored mille crepes like mango (which is a must-try) as well as the traditional flavors like tiramisu. They also have a variety of desserts and hot food on the menu. Find them at Lot No.15-0, LLP No.4, Lintas Plaza Phase 2B.



Please note that all of the cafés mentioned are pork-free and wine-free, with the exception of Café de Vie. The typical opening hours for cafés in KK are from 9am to 10pm daily. There are plenty of other cafés worth visiting if you’re wondering .